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Category:Knuckles (Fomor)

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Basic Information

  • Knuckles are an attachment to fists and are characterized by their fast attack speed and ability to perform longer combo attacks than most other weapons.
    • Bare hands are not classified as knuckles.
  • Knuckles are integral to the fighter skill set.
  • Knuckles are classified as Two-Handed Weapons and thus can utilize Enchants designed for Two-Handed Weapons.
    • Despite being classified as Two-Handed Weapons, Knuckles do not receive a 20% damage and 5% critical rate Smash bonus.
  • Damage done with Knuckles is influenced by the user's Willpower rather than their Strength.
    • Every 3 Will adds +1 to Maximum Knuckle Damage; 3.5 Will adds +1 to Minimum Knuckle Damage.
  • Knuckle Mastery increases the user's minimum and maximum damage and balance when Knuckles are equipped.
  • Having Knuckles equipped will cause Windmill's radius and Counterattack's cooldown to be reduced. However, Counterattack's stamina cost will be increased.
  • Having Knuckles equipped will cause Final Hit to not knock down the target nor build up their Knockdown Gauge as if the player were Dual Wielding.
  • Sometimes, knuckles are still visible when sheathed.
    • A way that this can happen is de-transing while knuckles are sheathed.

For knuckles that aren't implemented yet, go to Category:Future Weapons.

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