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Darkness-Hoarding Lich

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How to Get Quest Buy from a Quest Board
Quest Cost 4,770 G
Briefing There's a rumor that a Darkness-Hoarding Lich has been located deep in Rupes Desert. I know it sounds ridiculous, but would you please go and check it out?
  • 21,200 Exploration Experience
  • 16,160 Character Experience

Additional Information

  • You must personally Sketch the Arc Lich to complete the first objective of the quest.
    • This means that you cannot Sketch the Arc Lich beforehand - you must Sketch the Arc Lich while the quest is active.
    • The Sketch will be removed from your inventory upon completing the second objective of the quest.
  • There are several ways to safely Sketch the Arc Lich without taking any aggro from the monsters there.
    • An Elf can sketch it with ease by using Hide to drop aggro immediately. Once the Elf is in range of the Arc Lich to sketch it, quickly deactivate Hide and Sketch the Arc Lich immediately.
      • If the player has access to a Crystal Deer, they may use that instead of using Hide if they aren't an Elf.
    • The player may also use Shadow Cloak to drop aggro immediately.
    • The player may also use a mount to run towards the Arc Lich and wait a couple of seconds before unsummoning their mount. This resets the aggro timer and allows the player to have a few seconds to Sketch the Arc Lich.
    • The player can also simply use Lullaby to put the nearby enemies to sleep for an easy Sketch, but this may only work once per channel and will not work if another player has used Lullaby beforehand.
    • The player can also summon a pet with Restful Wind and sketch the Arc Lich immediately.
    • Alternatively, if the player has access to a lot of AOE pets, they may summon one every couple of seconds while Sketching to stun the enemies for a bit longer.
    • After successfully Sketching the Arc Lich, the player can use either a Wings of a Goddess to leave the area quickly or quickly run out of Metus.
  • It takes 1,347,500 Exploration Experience to level up to Exploration Level 50, and the quest gives 21,200 Exploration Experience. With Rank Novice Exploration Mastery, it takes around 63 quests to fully level up to Exploration Level 50. This includes the 200 Exploration Experience gained from Sketching the Arc Lich itself, but without nighttime bonuses.
    • With Rank 1 Exploration Mastery, this number is shortened down to around 42 quests. This makes it the most efficient way to gain Exploration Levels quickly.
    • On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the player may Sketch the Arch Lich on at least 5 channels, perhaps 6 if the player is extremely fast. The Arc Lich spawns in at 12:00 AM and despawns at 6:00 AM in game every Erinn day, and the player may only use Sketch every in game hour (1 minute and 30 seconds real time).
    • On Sundays, the player may Sketch the Arch Lich on all 7 channels. This is because the Arc Lich spawns at 8:00 PM in game time rather than 12:00 AM, and maintains its despawn time at 6:00 AM.