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E.O. Errans Crus

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A wine that has been selected as this year's best wine. A wine selected amongst the Errans Cru by Pencast himself to be this year's finest.

Inventory icon of E.O. Errans Crus

1 × 2


Name E.O. Errans Crus
NPC Resale Value Method Edible Hunger Restored Cooking EXP
0 G Purchase Yes ? -
Purchase Location
Other Locations
Physical Change
Weight ? Upper ? Lower ?


  • E.O. Errans Crus and E.O. Grand Blago are possible wines sold at various NPCs should a player achieve "Wine of the Year" status from Pencast.
    • The game will sell the wine that achieved this status the in-game year (real-time week) before.
    • The game will only sell the wine if anyone achieved the status at all.
    • The game will only sell the highest rated "Wine of the Year" if there are multiple.
    • The game will mail a Check worth 10% of all wine sales to the creator of the wine at the end of the sale period.
    • Only one of the winning E.O. wine is stocked in each NPC store on each channel. This refreshes every in-game day at midnight.
    • E.O wines cannot be turned into Pencast.
    • The E.O. wine will display the player creator's name, the amount of days aged, and the NPC "client" (Lezzaro or Eluned).
    • The E.O wine will not display the stats received when consuming the wine, despite such stats existing.
      • Catering the E.O. wine will reveal the stats.

Food Effects

  • Strength -26~30
  • Intelligence +26~30
  • Dexterity +26~30
  • Luck +26~30

Methods to Obtain

  • Can be bought once an in-game day, per channel, from various NPCs for 5,000 gold.