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Portrait of PierrickFile:Pierrick.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Clown and
Location Taillteann
(Front of General Shop)
Part-Time Job General Shop
7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Report From: 9:00 am (delivery)
12:00 pm (production) 
Repair Miscellaneous Repairs, 93%
Track The Festivity Mindset
Welcome, welcome!




A beautiful boy wearing a large, feather-plumed hat and a dressy purple suit. A star-shaped henna on his perfect, pearly skin glitters in the sun.

Pierrick owns the general store and the grocery store in Taillteann, and can repair general items. He wears "luxurious" clothing and stockings with ribbons tied around the top of them.


Prior to setting up shop in Taillteann, he was a traveling merchant. He also used to hang out at the Bean Rua in Emain Macha, prior to his traveling days. He gave information about the world to Collen, and sold dishes that came from Tara.

Pierrick admits he has love interests for Brenda, which is the reason why he stopped in Taillteann. However, it is never stated if she feels the same way.

Despite his feminine appearance, he is indeed male.

Mainstream Story



Pre-Generation 9: Dugald Aisle Traveling Shop

Before Generation 9 was implemented, Pierrick appeared in Dugald Aisle once at the beginning of every real-time hour, near the Sliab Cuilin Seal Stone in Ulaid Forest. He stayed in Dugald Aisle for 15 minutes (real time), moving around the perimeter of the Logging Camp once each minute.

He sold unique items, such as certain Fireworks, HP 300 Potions, MP 300 Potions, Stamina 300 Potions, and Ancient Magic Powder (the highest grade of enchant powder available at the time). Like Edern's advanced items, some of the items Pierrick sold appeared randomly in his shop, where a few were limited to a certain number per day. Not all the possible random items he sold would appear at the same time.

Part-Time Jobs

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  • Note:
    • When weaving items for basic part-time jobs the report time starts at 12:00 noon.



  • For a good few weeks before Generation 9 came out, Pierrick spawned in Dugald Aisle and was followed by a few pigs, a white sheep, and a black sheep as sneak peek and a treat for Generation 9 and the new town Taillteann.
    • The description for the pre-patch Pierrick follows: Appearance so beautiful that it makes it hard to distinguish whether it is a man or a woman. With his urban fashion and hip gestures, he draws out my curiosity.
    • Only during his walks could people purchase limited stock items such as Ancient Magic Powder (limited to 3 and not always in his shop), along with a few meals to show case the higher Cooking ranks that was uncapped in Generation 9.
    • Instead of walking like a normal character, Pierrick would skip along and bow when he stopped at set points allowing people to then purchase his wares (his movements stops anyone from opening his shop).
    • Due to his movement path, he would often for some unknown reason walk his way up towards Tir Chonaill and find himself stuck just past the narrow bit on the path up to Tir Chonaill. His animal companions also had this same problem.
    • It was found that when Pierrick or any of his animal companions got stuck from a Campfire in where they would spawn would force Pierrick and or his companions (those that where close enough to the fire itself and thus caused the NPC(s) to be in an un-walkable location) to re-spawn back at their default starting location.
  • His Private Story keyword imply that he sold off his animal companions to be able to afford his shop.
  • His previous Portrait was drawn with purple eyes but his model was not updated.
    • As a result Pierrick has purple eyes on his model's face, however his NPC Portrait shows light brown eyes.

Generation 9: Taillteann Shop


Track  Title
The Festivity Mindset
Speaking to Pierrick