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Portrait of Pencast
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Priest
Location Tara, outside Pontiff's Court
Part-time Job Church
12:00 noon - 9:00pm
Report From: 4:00pm


His neatly dyed priest outfit
and wrinkles on his forehead
give a sense of dignity that comes from a follower of Lymilark's light.

Pencast is a priest of the Pontiff's Court. He enjoys wine; Eluned and Lezzaro compete for the best wine and have Pencast judge and criticize it. However, he dislikes Alchemy, seeing it as offensive to the Gods.


Part-time Jobs

  • When doing the part-time jobs on Alban Elved (Friday) there is a 20% increase to the experience points and gold rewarded for completing them.

Wine Making Rewards

  • The player can bring their created Grand Blago or Errans Cru to be judged by Pencast. In return, he rewards the player based on the wine's quality.

Pencast's Equipment