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Far Darrig

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Portrait of Far Darrig
Far Darrig
Race Fairy
Gender Unknown
Location Scuabtuinne

Track Such Small Laughter


The Far Darrigs are fairies living on Scuabtuinne, under Manannan's guidance. They bear childish innocence and love to play games.

Named Darrigs

You can call us whatever you want! We call each other whatever we want anyway!


—Far Darrig, G23

A few darrigs have been referred to in name:

  • FarFar, a blue Far Darrig that wields a flower
  • Darrig, a pink Far Darrig
  • DarrDarr, a pink hapless Far Darrig

Mainstream Story


  • The Blackened Darrig is a Darrig who got dunked in the Kraken's ink. Their original color is not known.
  • Far Darrig greatly resemble real-world axolotls.