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For the daily quests in this area, see Daily Quests#Scuabtuinne.
An overview of Scuabtuinne.

Description and Geography

Map of Scuabtuinne.
Current Compass.png

Scuabtuinne is the legendary floating ship of Manannan that is actually an island. Scuabtuinne (pronounced /skuəbθɪneɪ/) translates into Wave Sweeper (literally, sweep + wave). Players initially reach the island through the G23 quest Into the Storm; each area is unlocked subsequently through the storyline quest.

Afterwards, you may use the Current Compass given to you during the storyline to return to Scuabtuinne at any time.


  • Tranquility Reach, home to a beautiful sand-strewn beach and ancient ruins weathered by the elements.
  • Deception Reach, home to a reef of such beauty that travelers are said to wonder whether their memories of it were naught but an illusion.
  • Desolation Reach, where the hot air and black igneous rock make it a less welcoming place for life to take hold.
  • Manannan's temple, a temple whose extravagant embellishments and blue glow seldom evoke a sense of wonder.


Scuabtuinne's location never stays the same; the island itself moves on the sea.

Areas of Interest


Animal/Crop/Monster Source
Resource Obtained From Location
Shellfish.png Shellfish
Broken Ruins Knickknack.png Broken Ruins Knickknack
Wiggling Pearl Oyster.png Wiggling Pearl Oyster
Seaweed Field Tranquility reach
Coral Beach (Deception Beach)
Resource Obtained From Location
Firewood.png Firewood (Tree) (Gathering Axe equipped) from Trees Any tree
Coconut.png Coconut
Palmetto Bark.png Palmetto Bark
Tree Hitting (Palmetto Trees) Tranquility Reach
Resource Obtained From Location
Unknown Ore Fragment.png Metallurgy Spots
Sparkling Glass Marble.png Sparkling Glass Marble
Gemstone.png Gemstone
Various Gems
Metallurgy Tranquility Reach
Resource Obtained From Location
Bundle of Flower.png Bundle of Flowers
Fresh Grass.pngFresh Grass
Four-Leaf Clover.png Four-Leaf Clover
Flower Field Tranquility Reach

Fishing List



  • None



Areas Connected


Track Title
Breaking the Waves


  • Manannan's High Temple is shaped like a nautical helm.
  • The shape of Scuabtuinne is similar to that of a Triskelion.
  • The track title of Scuabtuinne may be a nod at its other name, the Wave Sweeper.
  • Despite the area being accessible by segments, it remains a single, unified map. This can be easily seen by using screenshot mode.
  • Unlike any other areas in Erinn, Scuabtuinne's sunsets and sunrises are green-tinted.