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For the Mainstream boss, see Manannan (Monster).
Portrait of Manannan mac LirFile:Manannan.png
Manannan mac Lir
Race Deity
Gender Male
Occupation God of the Sea
Location Scuabtuinne

Track The Languid Blue
Indeed, I am Manannan mac Lir. I am the master of the sea, the protector of seafarers.


—Manannan, G23 part 2


Light glints off his silvery hair, bringing to mind glittering sea foam on the waves. His finely-tanned skin stands out against the blue cape draped over his body, and dark wings that display his divinity rise behind his muscular shoulders. You note a calm, inhuman languor in his gaze as he meets your eyes.

Manannan is one of the deities of Erinn. He governs the sea and seafarers, and like the sea, his temperament is that of a fickle god.

Mainstream Story

Spoiler icon.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.


  • This NPC cannot be interacted with Keywords.



Track Title
The Languid Blue
Manannan's theme
Entering the High Temple in Scuabtuinne