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For the useable Technique, see Seal: Pragarah.
For the pure form of the blade, see Luminous Cross-hilt Sword.
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The Pragarah, also known as the Fragarach, was a Two-Handed Sword that Lugh Lavada originally used to vanquish the Fomorians.

Mainstream Story


  • In the Irish Mythology, the Fragarach, also known as the The Sword of Air, The Answerer or The Retaliator, was a weapon forged by Gods and used by Lugh Lámhfhada and his foster father, Manannan mac Lir. It is said that once impaled in someone's throat, they could not tell lies. It was also said that the Sword could grant its wielder the powers of the wind, and could penetrate any armor or shield as well as leaving off an unrecoverable wound.
  • Pragarah was introduced with various designs in the game model. It left a huge controversy with the characters G16 Lugh/Morgant and Triona.
    • Morgant's Pragarah is called Dark Knight Two-Handed Sword in the game's code. In Generation 9, Champion Lugh is shown wielding the Dark Knight Two-Handed Sword during the Second War of Mag Tuireadh.
    • In Generation 3, Ruairi's Pragarah model had the appearance of a Claymore. But in the cutscene, the model is a combination between Dark Knight Two-Handed Sword and Claymore.
    • In Generation 16, it was remodeled with its own design. Eirawen mentions that this design was exactly identical like in the recorded history.
    • Both design has a symbol etched on the blade in the cutscene. But due to the lack of game modeling back then, the symbol was scrapped. G16 version shows to have a different symbol.
    • Drama Season 2 Opening, the design shows the combination between G16 Pragarah and Claymore. Instead of using the G3's symbol, they used the G16 version. Hinting that the symbol from Generation 3 was completely scrapped and changed to current symbol.
    • Pragarah's model is sometimes showed as a Longsword. Examples include Lugh's statue in Taillteann, Lugh's painting in Rath Royal Castle, and stabbing Shakespeare in Generation 16.
    • During the credits of Generation 3, Ruairi's Pragarah was destroyed by Cichol. While the cutscene shows that the Morgant's sword was destroyed, the in-game model shows Morgant still has his in hand with complete model in the final cutscene.
  • Interestingly, in Generation 1 and 2, Ruairi does not recognize Morgant's sword as Pragarah. It's possible that the developers rushly created a settings for Morgant's sword during the development of Generation 3.