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...Pra...garah... it can't be... it's Pragarah. The holy sword that the Knight of Light used in that deadly war against the Fomors.



But that sword. The Pragarah. That was the Knight of Light's legendary blade. Could it have been taken by the fomors during the war?


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The Pragarah, also known as the Fragarach, was a Two-Handed Sword that Lugh Lavada originally used to vanquish the Fomorians.



  • In the Irish Mythology, the Fragarach, also known as the The Sword of Air, The Answerer or The Retaliator, was a weapon forged by Gods and used by Lugh Lámhfhada and his foster father, Manannan mac Lir. It is said that once impaled in someone's throat, they could not tell lies. It was also said that the Sword could grant its wielder the powers of the wind, and could penetrate any armor or shield as well as leaving off an unrecoverable wound.
  • In Generation 3, Pragarah had the appearance of a Claymore. In Generation 16, it was remodeled with its own design.
  • Apparently, there are three Pragarahs: one held by Morgant, one held by Ruairi, and one held by Lugh.
    • Morgant's Pragarah is called "Dark Knight Two-Handed Sword" in the game's code.
      • In Generation 9, Lugh is shown wielding the Dark Knight Two-Handed Sword during the Second War of Mag Tuireadh. Since the Pragarah was said to be used during the wars, it is possible that the Dark Knight Two-Handed Sword is a variation of Pragarah.
      • During the credits of Generation 3, Morgant's Pragarah was destroyed, yet the final cutscene and Generation 10 shows that he still has his in hand.
      • Interestingly, in Generation 1 and 2, Ruairi does not recognize Morgant's sword as Pragarah. It's possible that the developers rushly created a settings for Morgant's sword during the development of Generation 3.  
    • Interestingly, Ruairi's Pragarah has symbols etched on the blade with a Claymore's guard when he receives it in the cutscene, but in-game it is simply a regular Claymore.
      • Morgant's Pragarah also has identical symbols to Ruairi's Pragarah as shown in the Generation 3 credits where it is broken. However, in-game, the symbols are not present.
        • Lugh's Pragarah has different symbols than Morgant's and Ruairi's. This symbol also appears in Drama Season 2 Opening. Hinting that the symbol from Generation 3 was scrapped and changed to current symbol.
    • In-game shows that the Pragarah's model showed sometimes as Longsword. Such as Lugh's statue in Taillteann, Lugh's Painting in Rath Royal Castle, and stabbing Shakespeare in Generation 16.