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Fashion Contest

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What the Fashion show catwalk looks like when not in use.
The letters indicate the keys that you should press in the order that you should press them.

Basic Information

Fashion Show Contests is a showcase event to display clothing and style as partakers move along the runway. It takes place on the Erskin Runway in Tara.


  • One must press W, A, S, D keys as they appear to perform gestures during the walk. There are a total of three locations during your walk that your character stops and gestures at for a total of five gestures.
  • Arrows may appear one at a time, in groups, or all at once. Enter the combinations before they pass the line.
  • At each contest there is a theme which determines the music and gestures performed. Spectators may judge you based on how well you dressed. (Unknown how much of an impact this has on your score, but this does affect your result.)
  • After the contest, you will be told your placing, and a window will also pop up stating each contestant's score and ranking. You may also check the current scores with the "Viewing" button when not on stage.
  • Spectators should press the "Viewing" button at the top-right hand corner of the screen while in the runway area. From this view it is possible to vote during preliminaries and Finals, and get a better view of the participants. Note that spectators can also receive prizes for participating in judging.


  • You may be able to practice by renting the runway.
  • Each practice costs 100g.
  • You may not practice in a channel where there are registered participants for the preliminaries or the finals.


  • Preliminaries are held Monday-Saturday at 8:00pm PDT100 in all channels (real time).
  • Preliminaries are repeated every 5 minutes, as long as 4 or more people enter. If there are not enough people, the countdown will start again from 7 minutes.
  • Registration for Preliminaries begin at 7:50pm PDT100 and you can continue to register as people walk on stage.
  • A maximum of 8 players may enter per round.
  • Placing in the top 50% during preliminaries will get you a Fashion Contest Finals Entrance Pass.
  • You can have more than one Fashion Contest Finals Entrance Pass, although it will not benefit you.


  • Finals are held at 8:00pm PDT100 on Sunday on Channel 4.
  • Registration for Finals begin at 7:30pm PDT100 and end promptly at 7:59pm PDT100. (Note that only 40 participants may be registered in the Finals at any given time, so it's recommended that you register early.)
    • A minimum of 4 players is needed for the finals to take place.
  • Warning: do NOT change channels after registering for the Finals. The pass won't be refunded, and you won't be able to participate.
  • Upon finishing the contest:
  • The entrant with the highest score will be placed on the fashion statue in most towns.
  • The entrant with the most votes will be placed on the popularity statue in Tara.
    • If nobody voted or the result is a tie, the runner-up of the contest will go on the popularity statue.
  • The top 5 entries will receive a Fashion Prize Outfit Box and an Advanced Fashion Contest Prize.
  • All participants, both contest entrants and those who were part of the voting pool, will receive an Intermediate Fashion Contest Prize and a Fashion Contest Star.


  • There are three general ratings for each gesture: "Complete Success," "Success," and "Fail." The most points are awarded for a Complete Success, and no points are given for a Fail. (Exact amount unknown.)
  • The faster you enter the incoming combination, the more points you are awarded.
  • Even if you press the wrong key at first, you will be rewarded with a Success, so long as you correct the next few keys in the combination.
  • It is possible to achieve over 100 points by performance score alone.
    • Each action has an estimated maximum of about 25 points.
    • The maximum score for walking should be 125 points with this estimate.
  • While it is important to enter combinations as quickly as possible, it is also important not to completely fail a combination, as no points are awarded for fails.
  • If all combinations are failed, you will receive a default score of 10.00 [by vote default score? to be verified].
  • In addition to your performance score, you receive additional points based on player votes.
    • You receive 10 voting points by default and during preliminaries [to be verified]
    • During the finals, the number of voting points is based on the average of all votes received.
    • The additional amount of points is estimated at 25 points (5*vote average?) [to be verified]


  • The top five performers at the Finals will receive an Fashion Prize Outfit Box.
  • The top performer will have their statue throughout Erinn for one week.
  • The performer who receives the most positive votes will also have a statue by the Erskin Runway for a week.
  • Players will also receive a Basic Fashion Contest Prize (from participating and judging in the preliminaries), Intermediate Fashion Contest Prize (from participating and judging in the finals), or an Advanced Fashion Contest Prize (from finals). This bag can contain one of the following (This list is far from complete, please add where you see fit):

Basic Fashion Contest Prize

Intermediate Fashion Contest Prize

Advanced Fashion Contest Prize

Fashion Prize Outfit Box

Winner's Statue Poses


  • There is a 3 second "stand still" pause before the arrows appear. If you can anticipate when it appears, you can hit the single-fast arrows more reliably.
  • If you join a party on a pet, you can participate in the fashion contest. However, you can not move from the first position and you will always get 0.00 as your score.
  • During finals, log out of the Instant Messenger (block and/or port 8002) to prevent being interrupted on the stage by instant messages and guild chatter, then log back in after. Simply setting the messenger to offline will not be sufficient.