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2 × 2
Stack: 10

Name Wool Method Shearing
Sold By None NPC Resale Value 0.2 G

A tuft of sheep's fur, lightly teased and rolled into a ball. Spin the fur in the spinning wheel and it will yield thick yarn.

Methods to Obtain


  • Gathering Wool uses the Sheep Shearing skill.
  • Equip a Gathering Knife or any Sword, and left-click a Sheep to shear Wool.
    • Each sheep can only be sheared around 35 times before it can no longer give Wool.

Used In


Name Materials Needed Method
Thick Thread Ball

5 Wools


Part-Time Jobs

Usually a part-time job is only offered randomly on a given in-game day, however, the type of part-time job can be checked before accepting it.

NPC Difficulty Part-Time Job
Dilys, Deian, Manus, Heulfryn, Kirine or Belita Basic Gather 10 Wool
Intermediate Gather 20 Wool
Advanced Gather 30 Wool