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Feth Fiada

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For other missions, see Category: Tech Duinn Missions.

Temporary Order of Black Moon Icon.png
Mission Information
Time Limit ±20 minutes
Party Count 1~4
Quest Board Location Tech Duinn

We don't know much about the foggy land beyond the Geata of Tech Duinn. ...

What I do know is that Feth Fiada not only obstructs vision, but also willpower. ... Additionally, the fog destabilizes when the strange machines there are activated. Once you switch one on, an active Tech Duinn Geata will appear. Prove that you are not an intruder, and it will open to you, allowing you to transport. And that means the Order members wandering around Feth Fiada must have been using those devices as well. Unfortunately I can find no new paths leading forward from here, but they must exist. Once we find the way, we'll be able to uncover the secrets of the Order of the Black Moon!




  • Phase 1: The party must find orbs hidden in the fog and defeat the summoned monsters.
    • The first orb is located left of the spawn location, slightly left of the player facing towards center. Upon defeating the summoned monsters a glimmer of light will point in the direction of the next orb.
      • The glimmer is incredibly fast, only happens once, and is hard to notice without looking for it intensely.
      • The glimmer will travel from the center of the previous room to where it's walls previously were and then vanish.
      • The pattern for the orbs will always be the same on Normal and Advanced; the pattern will always be random on Elite.
    • Slime Rooms:
      • Fire: Regenerates health every few seconds. (Amount increases based on difficulty)
      • Ice: Very fast and teleport every few seconds.
      • Lightning: Becomes immune to damage for ? (depends on difficulty) seconds if knocked down.
    • Tathlum Rooms:
    • Illusion Zombie Rooms: Zombies will only take damage if post-mitigated damage exceeds their health.
      • Normal - they have 10,000 HP & ~40% Protection
      • Advanced - 20,000 HP & ~55% Protection
      • Elite - 30,000 HP & ~ 70% Protection
      • They have the skill Rage Impact with a 0 second cooldown. Based on the difficulty of the mission the Damage required to kill them varies.
    • Illusion Salamander Rooms: Spams Thunder and Shockwave.
      • Rarer occurence at lower difficulties.
      • On death, they will drop a AoE that drains all your resources (HP,MP,SP,Dorcha) rapidly over time.
    • Mixed Rooms: Occurs in higher difficulties.
      • Can be a mix of various slime colors, or a mix of various monsters.
      • Requires players to combine strategies of single-mob rooms.
  • Phase 2: The party must defeat a series of Illusion Zombies before the timer runs out to summon an orb. Make sure to also hit the orb before the timer ends.
    • Zombies in the Hallway will not attack you. The best method is to use quick high damage single hit, single target skills.
      • Normal: Zombies spawns in a straight line.
      • Advanced: Zombies spawns in a straight line, time limit is shorter.
      • Elite - Zombies spawn in random locations in the hallway, time limit is even shorter.
  • Phase 3: The party must locate and defeat the Tech Duinn Geata.
  • Phase 4: The party must find orbs hidden in the fog and defeat the summoned monsters similar to Phase 1.
  • Phase 5: The party must defend against an onslaught of Tathlum, and prevent them from reaching the gate.
  • Phase 6: The party must locate and defeat a stronger version of Tech Duinn Geata.



  • There is a starting time limit of 20 minutes.
    • This will increase/decrease when a Black Moon Follower is killed/escapes.
      • Black Moon Followers can share similar attributes to monsters in the mission.
      • Some regenerate quickly like Fire Slimes, some must be defeated in one hit like Illusion Zombies.
  • The outer edges of the screen will start to flash when the timer is close to finishing. The flashing will get more intense and faster as the timer approaches zero.
  • On Elite difficulty, the placement of the hidden spawn orbs is random.


Map is not available for this mission


Monster Spawn Patterns