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Giant Potato

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Inventory icon of Giant Potato

2 × 2
Stack: 1

Name Giant Potato
NPC Resale Value Method Edible Hunger Restored Cooking EXP Catering
346 G Gathered Yes 24 - No
Purchase Location
No known purchase locations.
Other Locations
Physical Change
Weight -3 Upper +3 Lower +6
Gradual Stat Change HP MP SP Str Int Dex Will Luck
+4 -4 +3 +3 - -3 - -

A very large potato. Much larger than an ordinary potato.

Cooking Recipes

Icon Name Method Recipe Physical Changes 5 Star Stat Bonuses
Fat Upper Lower
Irish Stew.png

2 × 1

Irish Stew Boiling Sliced Meat 78%
Giant Potato 12%
Carrot 10%
+2 +2 +1

HP: -
MP: -
SP: +40

STR: -
DEX: -
INT: -
LUCK: +25

Min Dmg: -
Max Dmg: -
MA: -

DEF: -

Trade Limitations

  • Can be dropped and picked up by others.
  • Can be sold to others.
  • Can be traded with others.
  • Can be put in the bank and withdrawn by other characters.
  • Can be stored in a pet.

Methods to Obtain


  • *Rare* Hoeing in Potato Fields

Cash Shop


  • Provides additional EXP when burned.
    • Burning items in a stack will reward EXP as if one item was burned.
    • Spirit Campfires reward double EXP for burned items.