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For the enchant, see Gathering (Enchant).
For the gathering quantity bonus, see Lucky Gather.

Gathering is the method of obtaining raw materials used for many Life skills.


  • Most gathering skills can be made more efficient by training the respective skill.
  • Gathering requires a specific Gathering Tool to be equipped or the hands to be empty, based on the item being gathered.
    • Same-type Weapons can be substituted for Gathering Tools. For example, any Sword can be used instead of a Gathering Knife to shear the sheep found near most towns.
    • Gathering reduces an item's Durability much faster than Combat, so it is recommended that players only use Gathering Tools to save money on purchases and repairs.
  • Gathering success rates are increased by Alban Heruin (Wednesday) and rainy weather.
    • Dexterity does not influence gathering rates.
  • Rain also increases the amount of materials that can be gathered at one location.
  • All gathering objects have a limited number of resources that regenerate over time.
    • Attempting to gather further than the limit will display a fail message and still consume the durability of the tool used to gather.
  • Gathering efficiency can be increased by Upgrading gathering tools, although not all gathering tools can be upgraded.
    • Upgrades can reduce the base gathering time, add a chance to obtain two materials in one drop, or increase the probability of receiving a specific material out of many.
    • Note that increasing Combat stats on gathering tools, such as balance or critical, will not influence gathering.
  • Gathering skills consume Stamina at a rate of 1 point per second.
    • This means that reducing a tool's gathering time through upgrades will also reduce the Stamina required to gather a material.
    • Stamina still regenerates while gathering is in progress, making stamina consumption less drastic.
    • You must have at least 3 Stamina to execute any gathering skill, regardless of how much Stamina that skill will consume.
  • All Life Skill Talents provides experience upon successful gathering.

Picking Herbs





Wool Sheep Shearing

Sheep Shearing.png

Paper Sheep Shearing

Paper Shearing.png
  • Used to gather Play Pages from Paper Sheep.
  • Equip a Gathering Knife or any Sword (both One or Two-Handed Swords will work) and click on a sheep to start shearing.
  • Base shearing time is 5.0 seconds.
  • Shearing success rate is 70%.
    • Shearing additionally fails if the Paper Sheep moves before the skill is complete, or if the Paper Sheep is out of pages.
    • Chance of receiving pages are:
      • 35% Faded Play Page
      • 30% Bronze Play Page
      • 20% Silver Play Page
      • 15% Gold Play Page
  • Paper Sheep consistently move every 7 to 8 seconds.
  • A single Paper Sheep has roughly 30 Play Pages.
    • Paper Sheep regenerate 1 page every minute.
  • Paper Sheep can be only found in Avon.

Alpaca Shearing

Alpaca Shearing.png
  • Used to gather Alpaca Fur from Alpaca pets.
  • Equip a Gathering Knife or any Sword (both One or Two-Handed Swords will work) and click on an alpaca to start shearing.
  • Base shearing time is 5.0 seconds.
  • Shearing success rate is 100%.
  • Every gathering attempt uses 5 MP from the Alpaca.
  • Gathering is limited to 200 per real-time day, resetting at 7:00am PDT100.
    • Gathering count is universal for all characters on the same server.
    • This does not include Lucky Bonuses nor Gathering Knife upgrades.
  • Only the Alpaca's owner may shear it.

Egg Gathering

Egg Gathering.png


Bottling Milk


Bottling Water

Player attempting to bottle water from a well.
Collecting Water.png
  • Used to gather Water.
  • Equip an Empty Bottle and click on any suitable body of Water (such as a river) or a Well to fill that bottle with Water.
    • Right hand slot must be empty.
  • Bottling time is 6.0 seconds.
  • Bottling Water success rate is ?%.
  • All bodies of water have an unlimited amount of water.

Bottling Poison

  • Used to gather Water, and Poison.
  • Equip an Empty Bottle and click on a Coral Cobra or Desert Cobra Pet to fill that bottle with Poison.
    • Right hand slot must be empty.
  • Bottling time is 6.0 seconds.
  • Bottling Poison success rate is 100%.
  • Cobras have an unlimited amount of poison, but every poison bottling attempt uses 30 MP from the Cobra.
  • You can command the Cobra to sit, allowing gathering to be simple and easy.




Player attempting to chop firewood.
  • Used to gather firewood.
  • Equip a Gathering Axe or any one-handed axe and click any brown-trunk tree to start chopping.
  • Base gathering time is 5.0 seconds.
  • Base woodcutting success rate is 50%.
  • Each tree has 5 firewood.
    • Trees regenerate 1 firewood every minute.


Player attempting to dig potatoes.


Player attempting to reap wheat.

Mushroom Gathering

Mushroom Gathering.png

Elemental Harvesting

Player attempting to harvest a fire elemental.
Ice Elemental Harvest.png

Fire Elemental Harvest.png

Lightning Elemental Harvest.png
  • Used to gather Elementals.
  • Elementals are harvested from Sprites.
  • A Wand of the same element must be equipped to harvest.
    • Right hand slot must be empty.
    • Double right-click the Sprite and choose "Gather."
  • Base harvesting time is 2.0 seconds.
  • Harvest success rate is 100%.
    • Harvesting fails if the Sprite moves before the skill is complete, or if the Sprite is out of Elementals.
  • The Sprite will still aggro you, so harvest at your own risk.
    • A useful strategy is to have another player keep the Sprite distracted while you harvest. Play Dead after being aggroed is useful for this purpose. Alternatively, you may have the other player hide behind an obstacle, a Campfire, or a Camp Kit. As an Elf, you can Hide after every harvest.
  • A single Sprite has roughly 20 Elementals.
    • Sprites regenerate 1 Elemental every minute, although it is best to just kill it and find another Sprite.
  • Sprites can be found in Math Advanced Dungeon, Coill Dungeon, and on Ceo Island.

Unearthing Artifacts

Player attempting to unearth an artifact
Artifact Gathering.png
  • Used to gather artifacts from pillars and statues found through L-Rod Exploration.
  • You must be empty handed to harvest.
  • Unearthing takes approximately two seconds in Courcle and ? seconds elsewhere.
  • This action is also used by Bandits attempting to steal goods during Commerce.
    • Each successful use gives them one star.

Grape Gathering

Player attempting to gather grapes.
Grape Picking.png
  • Used to gather Blago Noir and Errans Sauvignon.
  • Base gathering time is 5 seconds.
  • Gathering success rate is ?%.
  • A single grape patch has 15 grapes.
    • Grapes patches regenerate 1 grape every minute.

Silvervine Fruit Gathering

Silvervine Fruit Gathering.png
  • Used to gather Silvervine Fruits.
  • Base gathering time is ? seconds.
  • Gathering success rate is ?%.
  • A single Silvervine Fruit tree has 5 Silvervine Fruits.
    • Silvervine Fruit trees regenerate 1 fruit every 5 minutes.