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Beginner Gachapon (2012)

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Compared to the goodies one can receive from various Fashion, Soldier, Production, and Exploration gachapon, one might find the items you can get from Beginner gachapon... somewhat lacking. We decided to fix that.

The new reward list for Beginner Gachapon is much more fitting to our newer users and even more accommodating to their wallets! Beginner Gachapon are now sold for half of their previous NX cost. Here are some of the items one can expect from Beginner Gachapon:

- Colored and enchanted Mario NY Modern Vintage Ensemble
- Colored Rose Plate Armor
- Colored and enchanted Claymore
- Enchanted Sandra Sniper Suit
- Enchanted Long Bow
- Enchanted Crossbow
- Enchanted Round Shield

There are several other specially enchanted and colored items that are perfect for beginners in Mabinogi, and at half the price, it's the perfect value for beginning players![1]

Basic Information

Inventory icon of Beginner Gachapon

1 × 1
Stack: 10

Get the latest surprise gachapon item from a wide selection of goods that are perfect for getting you started on your Fantasy Life!

  • This gachapon was available in the Item Shop.
  • A single box cost 500 NX and a bundle of 10 cost 5,000 NX.
  • This gachapon is no longer available as of May 31st, 2012.


Enchanted Items

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