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Gingerbread Truck

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Basic Information

Gingerbread Truck.png Life 150 Str 80 Gingerbread Truck 1.png
Mana 24 Int 40
Stam 120 Dex 20
Base Dmg Will 20
Wound % Luck 35
Critical Defense
Balance Protection
Summon Time 180 Exp % Speed Rating
Bag Size 8x10 Enemy Cost 11,175 NX
Attack Speed Hits
Special Ability
  • Can carry up to 4 players at once.
    • Including giants regardless of owner's race.
  • Automatically executes Truck to the Head upon being summoned.
  • Can be used as a Cooking Oven and a Well.
  • Functions like a portable grocery store, selling various ingredients.
    • Right-clicking the pet gives the option to open the store.
  • Can fly in flight zones.
  • When Knocked Unconscious, it will automatically de-summon.
    • When re-summoned, the Gingerbread Truck will be revived.

Limited Web Shop availability: February 18, 2015 - March 11, 2015
Limited Web Shop availability: September 28, 2016 - October 12, 2016


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