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Cooking Oven (Public)

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You may be looking for Cooking Table tool.
You may be looking for Cooking Pot tool.
For the homestead version, see Homestead Oven.


Cooking Oven Public.png
Cooking Oven (public)
  • A Cooking Oven (public) is a production tool used with certain cooking methods, that is, baking, simmering, boiling, deep-frying, and stir-frying. Various ingredients are used to make edible foods and further cooking ingredients.
  • They are also public tools which means they have fixed locations, like most NPCs. A player must travel to a town in which a Cooking Oven (public) is located if they wish to make use of them.
  • To use a Cooking Oven (public) a player must have a Ladle equipped in the right hand and a Cooking Pot equipped in the left hand.
  • After a player is properly equipped, to start cooking just activate the Cooking skill while standing close to a Cooking Oven (public).
  • More than one player can use a Cooking Oven (public) at the same time.

See Category:Cooking Tools for more cooking tools, Category:Public Tools or Public Tools List for more public tools and Category:Production Tools or Production Tools List for all production tools.


There are Cooking Ovens (public) in almost every town:

Production List

Below are links to lists of recipes for cooking methods that require a source of heat, such as a Cooking Oven (public).