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Homestead Kit.png
1 × 1
Building preview of Well
Stack: ? Appearance

Well that can be found in cities.

Slightly decreases the time required to produce crops.

This effect does not stack.

The well can be placed on a Homestead. It is not an object, but you can draw water from it using an Empty Bottle.

Security settings are available to prevent or allow certain players from using it.

For more Homestead items, see Category:Homestead Items or the Homestead page.


Only usable in Uladh Homesteads.
Cannot be painted.


Icon Name Level Pons Homestead
Extra Materials Build
Removal Cost
Rebuild Cost
Restrictions Effects
3 × 3
3100 30100 7100 15s100 100100 ?100 2,000100 -100 Uladh
  • Slightly decreases the time required to produce crops. (Around 1 min decrease per hour of growth.)
  • You can draw Water from it using an Empty Bottle.

Wells in various locations

  • Bangor: Between Comgan and the Pub
  • Dunbarton: Near the Church, the Weapons Shop, and the Statue
  • Emain Macha: One on the edge of the NE field near Rua's House, one next to the cornfield west of town, and one SE of the Paladin Training Ground
  • Taillteann: By the farmland in the NE corner of town
  • Belvast: South of the Bank
  • Qilla Base Camp: Behind the quest board next to the Tutorial gate, and surrounded by trees near the mana tunnel
  • Cor Village: SE of the Clothing Shop and NE of the Pet Trainer
  • Calida Exploration Camp: Next to Arenen's tent.
  • Filia: In the sheep & cow field SE of town
  • Vales: To the left of Zeder's shop.

In Tir Chonaill, bottles can be filled with water from Adelia Stream by Ferghus's blacksmith shop, and from the fishing dock. In Emain Macha, bottles can also be filled on the dock behind Loch Lois restaurant.