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Guardians of Avon

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The four Guardians of Avon. From left to right: Grim Reaper, Merrow, Unknown, and Bran.
For the Theatre Mission, see Guardian of Avon.
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Basic Information

The Guardians of Avon are four extremely powerful creatures created by the Gods in order to guard Avon. After Shakespeare started to escape his seal, Morrighan ordered the Guardians to capture him. Though at first they initially overwhelm Shakespeare's aid, the Milletian, they are able to defeat the Guardians eventually due to empowerment from Shakespeare's successful plays.

Each guardian bears a unique crest somewhere on their body, signifying their status as a Guardian of Avon.

The Guardians

  • Grim Reaper: The first Guardian introduced. Throughout Generation 13, the Grim Reaper summons numerous creatures to attack various actors, letting them do its bidding. It once personally attacked Shakespeare and the Milletian, but the duo escapes as Shakespeare teleports them both out of harm's way. After the play of Hamlet was performed successfully, Morrighan briefly appears and summons the Grim Reaper, but it is defeated by the Milletian. It returns in Generation 15 with Morrighan and Bran, and disappears after the former recaptures Shakespeare.
  • Bran: The second Guardian introduced. Bran continuously stalks Shakespeare in Generation 14 and acknowledges the Milletian as "the one who helps the sinner." The Milletian once tried to stall Bran so Shakespeare could escape, but Bran proved to be too powerful and left the Milletian unconscious as it continued its search. Bran appears at the climax of Romeo and Juliet, but is defeated by the Milletian. It returns in Generation 15, once again pursuing Shakespeare, but is still defeated by the Milletian. However, after Morrighan appears, Bran appears once again alive and well along with the Grim Reaper, and disappears after Morrighan recaptures Shakespeare.
  • Merrow: The third Guardian introduced. In Generation 16, Merrow briefly appears in Rundal Dungeon and confronts Shakespeare and the Milletian, but is defeated by the both of them.
  • ???: The fourth and final Guardian's identity is currently unknown.