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Quest Monster Bran

Picture of Bran
Theatre Mission
Melee Hits Running Speed Detection Speed Detection Range Aggressive Aggression Element
1 Medium Fast Unknown Yes100 - Lightning Elemental.png Lightning
Skills Sharp Mind Fail.png100 Knockdown Immunity.png100 Bran's Shockwave.png100 Unknown.png100 Unknown.png100
Difficulty Hit Points Melee Damage Ranged Damage Def. (Prot.) Experience Gold Combat Power
1,000 ? - ? (35%) 6,000 ? 2,300
6,000 ? - ? (40%) 10,000 ? 4,600
12,500 ? - ? (49%) 17,500 ? 6,900
24,000 180-220 - ? (54%) 21,100 ? 9,200

Track Title: Gatekeeper of Avon

Basic Information

Theatre Mission


  • Bran is also known as Fran in oversea servers.
  • Bran means raven or crow.
  • Bran's right arm somewhat resembles Nuadha's Airgetlam.
  • Bran is the only Guardian of Avon that does not have Teleportation
  • Bran is the only Guardian of Avon not included in the Transformation Diary.


The one who helps the sinner...



I smell him! Show yourself, foul beast!