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Holy Contagion

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For normal poisoning, see Poison Attack.

Effect - Drop Green.png

Basic Information

  • Possessed only by Girgashiy.
  • Will work regardless of a player using Hide or of Girgashiy's aggro being triggered.
  • Girgashiy only uses this skill when its Health reaches a certain point based on the difficulty of the raid:
    • Generation 19: Any point
    • Solo: 5.00-79.99%
    • Easy: 5.00~24.99% and 60.00~79.99%
    • Normal: 25.00~34.99% and 70.00~84.99%
    • Hard: 5.00~19.99%, 35.00~49.99% and 80.00~89.99%
    • Very Hard: 0.00~44.99% and 60.00~89.99%
  • Girgashiy raises its left arm to lift a dark portal filled with toxin into the air and then stabs it with its staff to spread the toxin. 30% of the raiding party within 3,000 radius of Girgashiy will then become infected with Contagion, a damage over time poison.
    • The poison ignores Mana Shield.
    • Each time a player becomes infected, a sound effect occurs.
    • The poison can lower health past 0 and can render players unconscious.
    • Antidote Potions and Holy Shower will not cure the poison.
    • The poison can spread to nearby players, similar to Mirage Missile. The spread radius is 400, indicated by a purple circle.
  • Poison damage is based on the difficulty of the raid:
    • Easy/Solo/Generation 19: 5% of maximum HP
    • Normal: 10% of maximum HP
    • Hard: 15% of maximum HP
    • Very Hard: 15% of maximum HP, spread radius of 800.
  • Contagion lasts for five seconds, damage occurs 9 times over duration.