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Hop In

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Fire Storm.png
While summoning a vampire, you can channel power into your prayer beads and throw them to draw nearby enemies. Anything hit by this attack will be stunned for a short time.


  • Possessed only by the Little Hopper.
  • When summoned, Little Hopper attaches strings onto all surrounding enemies and pulls them towards the pet, similar to Act 6: Crisis.
  • Although this is a magic skill, it triggers Heavy Stander rather than Mana Deflector.
  • Does not activate if the pet is unconscious prior to summoning.
  • The Range of effect is ???.
  • Can attack enemies through obstacles and walls.(?)
  • Similar to Crisis, there is a temporary moment of invincibility for all enemies drawn by Hop In. Beware of interrupting party members.
  • Enabling Mini Effects causes the strings to become invisible.