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Portrait of Huw
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Marionette Shop Owner
Location Emain Macha (Puppet Workshop)
Repair Control Bar Repairs, 98%


A slender man with hair the color of ripened grapes stands before you. His eyes are sharp and cold, but he can't hide the warm smile that bubbles to the surface when he speaks with his friends and loved ones.

Huw is a master puppeteer who works in his own shop at Emain Macha. He also created most, if not all, Puppetry Skills.

He can revive and/or heal damaged Marionettes for 200 gold. He can also do some more intricate work, or touch up, on a Marionette with full HP for 100 gold, removing Potion Poisoning status from the marionette.


On Alban Heruin (Wednesdays), the daily effect of a 5% reduction to NPCs' shop prices will apply.

Huw's Equipment