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Potion Poisoning

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Basic Information

Effect - Potion Red.png

Potion Poisoning is a status inflicted by the rapid consumption of recovery potions. This increases their effectiveness, but in turn, reduces the player's stats. All player characters, role-playing characters, pets, Pierrot Marionette, Colossus Marionette are prone to potion poisoning. The status eventually wears off over time if the player refrains from drinking more potions, rests in the Hot Springs' Spring of Tranquility, uses a Burning Flame Crystal, or consumes Poisonous Mushroom Stew; in the case of marionettes, the player must use a Marionette Repair Set or ask Huw to heal the marionette for 200 gold, or request intricate work, if the Marionette's HP is full, for 100 gold. Ranking Rest to 1 will also unlock the ability to use Rest at any time to rapidly return stats temporarily lost to Potion Poisoning.


The stat reduced is based on the type of potion drunk while under the influence of potion poisoning:

Hybrid potions such as Full Recovery Potions and HP & MP 30 Potions will count towards the type healed (e.g. HP & MP 30 Potion would reduce the stats corresponding to both HP and MP potions).

Negative stats can reach -100% of its original value, even though the reduced stat only displays 0.

Certain enchants have effects that only take place when the player is potion poisoned.

Stages of Potion Poisoning

On-screen messages warn the player will notify the player if they are near or are in potion poison status. Each potion is marked with a toxicity level that contributes to potion poisoning, which can be decreased with Study: Potion Lore. Higher stages greatly increases the effects of potion poisoning.

Potions labeled "RE" contribute less to potion poisoning. Potions labeled "SE" do not contribute to potion poisoning.

Potion poisoning stages also carry over in rebirth. For example, drinking a potion after rebirthing when the player was in stage 4 prior to rebirth will immediately place the player into stage 4.

There are two independent recovery times in potion poisoning, both taking effect once the player stops consuming potions. One timer steadily removes the player's toxicity levels and thus decreases the stage of potion poisoning. The other restores the player's lost stats by two points per minute or one point per 30 seconds. Marionettes do not naturally recover from potion poisoning, however.

Stage Message Effect/Notes Stat decrease (per 30 recovery pot) # of 30 recovery potions consumed
0 No message No effect (This is the stage that a player starts out with.) 0 0
1 "It feels like the potion works better than before" Any potion used is 1x to 1.3x as effective. 0-1 ~15
2 "This potion is effective!" Any potion used is 1.3x as effective. 1-2 ?
3 "This potion is clearly effective, but it feels weird somehow." Any potion used is 1.3x to 1.6x as effective. 2 ?
4 "The potion has some side effects." The player gains the Potion Poison status icon.
Any potion used is 1.6x as effective.
3 ~30
5 "The potion worked as it should, but it had some bad side-effects too." Any potion used is 1.6x to 2x as effective. 3-9 ?
6 "Anymore of this potion is dangerous!" Any potion used is 2x-3x as effective. 9+ ~90