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Category:Puppetry Skills

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Control Marionette.png Grandmaster Puppetry Icon.png

  • Puppetry Skills, also known as Marionette Skills, are skills used to manipulate marionettes and wires.
  • All Puppetry Skills require a Control Bar Basic Control Bar.png to use.
  • Puppetry Skills are divided into two subsections: Wire and Act Skills.
    • Wire refers to restraining the enemy through the use of the control bar threads.
    • Acts are actions used only by marionettes.
    • Several puppetry skills use high stamina, even at lower ranks.
  • Marionettes can be aggroed by enemies. They are also controlled a distance away from the user, putting the puppeteer at safety.
  • Marionettes have many powerful fast-paced and area of effect attacks.
  • All Act Skills except for Act 2: Threshold Cutter are distance-based skills and therefore aims for the center of the target's hitbox. As a result, monsters with very large hitboxes, such as the Giant Spider, may be difficult to target properly.
  • All Act Skills except for Act 2: Threshold Cutter, Act 6: Crisis, and Act 7: Climactic Crash cannot be used if there is an obstacle between the player and the marionette.
  • All Puppetry Skills do not inflict wounds.
  • Puppetry Skills are obtained by completing the Puppeteer sidequests.

For skills that aren't implemented yet, go to Category:Unreleased Skills.