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Category:Archery Skills

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  • Archery Skills are a subsection of Combat Skills that utilize a Bow or Crossbow and their respective Missiles in battle.
  • Archery is used to fight enemies from a far Distance.
  • Most archery skills utilize aiming.
    • This is seen as a percentage above the player's skill bubble which indicates the chance that the player's attack will hit. It is filled overtime.
    • Elven Magic Missile, Spirit Bow Awakening, Spider Shot, and Urgent Shot do not utilize aiming and will always hit.
    • Aiming at a field monster may immediately cause them to aggro aggressively. Targeting them again will force them to resort to Normal Attacks.
  • The Luck stat passively increases the user's evasiveness against all archer skills except for skills that do not require aiming.
    • This does not apply if the aiming meter is at 100%.
  • Above the skill is a number indicating how much ammo the player has remaining.
    • The ammo count's color turns red once the player has 20 ammo or less.
    • The message "You're running out of arrows." or "You have 10 arrows left" will appear once the ammo count reaches to ten.
  • The range of archery skills is based on the weapon equipped.
  • All archery skills can hit enemies in Flight.
  • All archery skills trigger Natural Shield.
  • The Charge skill allows one to block and the Evasion skill allows one to evade all archer skills except for Elven Magic Missile and Spirit Bow Awakening.
  • Giants cannot learn any archery skill.

For skills that aren't implemented yet, go to Category:Unreleased Skills.