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Portrait of KaelicFile:Kaelic.png
Race Human Spirit
Gender Male
Occupation Alban Knight
Location Avalon
(City Ruins)

What you're seeing is the youngest image of myself I can recall. You have to admit, I was a cute little rascal, wasn't I? Heh heh!


—Kaelic, 'About you' prompt

Website Description

Kaelic was a member of the Alban Knights. He now remains in the sanctuary as a spirit. He meets the Milletian and realizes that this strange visitor and their weapon possess a special Erg, recorded in the ancient book of the Alban Knights. Because Milletians have immense amount of latent Divine Light, their weapons accumulate a great amount of special Erg, which can draw out the weapon's potential power.[1]


An innocent-looking lad stands before you, his head crowned with shiny lilac hair. His small stature seems an odd fit for the formal robe he wears. Hands folded behind his back, frequently clearing his throat, his mannerisms call to mind an old man, but behind his glasses, one can catch the glimmer of considerable intellect in his eyes.


Mainstream Story


  • This NPC cannot be interacted with Keywords.



  • Kaelic is the distant ancestor of Llywelyn.