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Alban Knights

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The one who seeks will find an answer. Do not turn them away. Aton Cimeni grants answers to all who seek, yet the foolish do not see the answers laid out in front of them.


—Llywelyn, when quoting a passage referring to the Path of the Seeker

Basic Information

The alban knights's blason.

The Alban Knights, also known as the Divine Knights, are a secret organization dedicated to serve Erinn and protect it from otherworldly beings.

Created under Aton Cimeni's will, the Alban Knights use god-like power, Crusader Skills, to vanquish their enemies. This power is fueled by Divine Light, a blessing of Aton Cimeni. They are rivaled by the Prophets, a heretic group of Fomors who worship a foreign god that wishes to destroy Erinn.

The knights were born when Aton Cimeni directly approached a cleric and ordered him to form the organization. The cleric is said to have given two commands to the knights: the first is that Erinn must mature without any outside influence or hindrance, and the second is that any interlopers must be stopped at all costs.

They operate in secrecy as they believe that Erinn's citizens, especially the churches, could misconstrue their actions. As such, the Alban Knights are very subtle and if they do appear they immediately vanish without a trace once their task is complete. Any attempt to compromise the knights is said to result in serious punishment.

Knights are usually only assigned one Crusader Skill due to its immense power. It is said that any mortal attempting to control multiple Crusader Skills will be unable to handle them and die. The Milletian is the only being capable of controlling multiple Crusader Skills due to their Demigod power.

The knights have constantly monitored the Milletian race due to them being otherworldly beings and their infinite growth, and as such know every single action they perform and had done. Although the knights reluctantly allow the Milletian to join them, Kristell warns the Milletian that one of the knights' oaths is to "eradicate any foreign creature who would dare sully this world", and as such may view them as a target.


The four squad's crests. From left to right: Arthuan, Eiler, Elved, and Heruin

The Knights are divided into four main squads. Each squad always operates in groups of three. These squads are named after the four Alban Festivals celebrating the solstices and equinoxes.

They operate according to the directions of a Council, whom a Commander of the Alban Knights oversees.



The Winter Solstice, not celebrated in-game but rather occurring between real-time Saturday (Samhain) and Sunday (Imbolic).

  • Avelin: A female knight who acts as a captain and commanding officer of the Arthuan unit. She is very strict and serious, but also shows deep concern for her comrades. Avelin uses the power of Judgment Blade.
  • Altam: A male knight who is introduced as shy at first, but is shown to have a very enthusiastic personality and is also often careless. He idolizes the Milletian, trying to follow in their footsteps. Altam uses the power of Celestial Spike.
  • Previous Unnamed Third Knight: Before the events of Generation 19, this person was a part of Avelin's squad. They used the power of Shield of Trust.
  • Llywelyn: A male knight who excels at collecting information, and enjoys doing it. He is pragmatic and careful. He can be a bit paranoid about the Milletian, and sometimes arrogant. He knows an awful lot of history on Erinn and the Alban Knights for his age.


The Fall Equinox, celebrated on real-time Friday in-game.

  • Talvish: He is polite, highly intelligent, and calculating. Talvish has the power to redirect divine energy.
  • Unnamed Second Knight: A knight of the Elved Unit that has not yet been named.
  • Unnamed Third Knight: A knight of the Elved Unit that has not yet been named.


The Spring Equinox, celebrated on real-time Monday in-game.

  • Pihne: The leader of the Eiler Unit of the Alban Knights. She is warm and welcoming.
  • Injured Member of Eiler Unit: A male knight of the Eiler Unit that has not yet been named and in the Generation 21 mission Hope, was injured.
  • Unnamed Third Knight: A knight of the Eiler Unit that has not yet been named.


The Summer Solstice, celebrated on real-time Wednesday in-game.

  • Caswyn: Leader of the Alban Knights' Alban Heruin Unit, Caswyn. From a glance he doesn't seem to do much, but he carries out his leader's duty perfectly.
  • Unnamed Second Knight: A knight of the Heruin Unit that has not yet been named.
  • Unnamed Third Knight: A knight of the Heruin Unit that has not yet been named.


The First Harvest, celebrated on real-time Thursday in-game. Lughnasadh is a support group that focuses on gathering intelligence.

  • Shuan: Baltane Special Unit Secretary and Manager of Avalon Gate.
  • Innes: Avalon Field Raid Guide.
  • Gaella
  • Rhom: They are a Belvast Guardsman stationed at Crom Bás Moon Gate.


The Start of Summer, celebrated on real-time Tuesday in-game. Baltane is a secretive support group of retired knights who are meant to train up-and-coming Alban Knights. The Milletian has been asked to train the squires because of their reputation. For more information, see here.

Baltane Apprentice Special Unit

Other Members

Rites and Customs

For us, your weary, lost at sea
without a glimpse of harbor
let your guidance be our lee
your clasping hands, our arbor.

That's the first stanza. It's an old prayer. Parts of it are said to contain a prophecy, but knights don't generally study that anymore. It's become something like a talisman. For many, the meaning is less important than the act of repetition.


Avelin, about the Prayer of the Humble in Generation 21

Not everything needs a big sacrifice, you know? But you want to have something to offer, as a gesture of sincerity, and to show our respect for Aton Cimeni. I don't know why branches specifically, though. Maybe they're... symbolic... of something?


Altam, Generation 21

  • Branches and water are basic offerings for rituals.
  • Known rites of the Alban Knights include these:

Mainstream Story


  • The Arthuan crest is seen on Shield of Trust, Celestial Spike and Judgment Blade skill icons.
    • The Full Alban Knights emblem is seen on the Divine Link skill icon.
  • The Ghostly Alban Priests wear a type of Ancient Alban Knights robe similar to that of Kaelic's, who also happens to be in the area. This hints that they likely were from the same unit, possibly Lughnasadh, since that is the one type of robe that is unavailable to players.
  • The Baltane Mission Siege Weapon features a Baltane Squire Support Unit which has at least 10 unnamed members.
  • Avalon Gate's Round Table is likely based off of the Round Table from Arthurian legend; for more information, see here.

Unit Name Trivia

  • Alban is a Welsh word meaning quarter year, solstice, or equinox. It is likely a combination of âl (meaning childbirth) and ban (meaning peak, corner, or quarter).
    • Alban is also related to alternate names for Scotland and Great Britain, though this use originates from the Latin word albus meaning matte white.
  • Arthan is Welsh for little bear, referring to Ursa Minor and the Ursids meteor shower that happen during the Winter Solstice.
    • The spelling "Arthuan" pays homage to King Arthur.
  • Elved is a word invented by William Owen Pughe; it is comprised of el (supposedly meaning spirit or angel, likely from the Hebrew word אֵל) and ved/fed/med (which itself was a shortening by Iolo Morganwg of the Welsh word aeddfed, meaning ripe or mature).
  • Eiler is a word invented by Iolo Morganwg; it is comprised of the Welsh words ail/eil (meaning second or re-) and ir (meaning fresh).
  • Heruin is a word likely invented by Iolo Morganwg; it is comprised of the Welsh word haf (meaning summer) and suffix -in (used to create new words, usually adjectives from materials; i.e. golden from gold, severe from rough).

Arthuan Crest Trivia

  • A crest that represents the season of Winter.
  • The main symbol of this crest is an Antique-style Crown, likely representing the in-game Tara or mythological King Arthur.
    • The winter solstice is treated as both King Arthur and Jesus' birthday because of historical fusions between King Arthur, Christianity, and other mythologies.
  • The main colors of the crest are red and white, which are the same key colors as the Tara royal crest.
    • This ties into the main symbol of the Antique Crown.
    • Red and white can represent death, rebirth, the sun, and renewal in general, similar to winter.
  • The boarder of the crest features either a dragon or a lion, both of which are seen as particularly royal animals.
  • Alban statues representing the Arthuan unit wield a sword; a weapon related to knighthood.
  • You meet the leader of the unit, Avelin, in the snowy region of Sidhe Snetcha for the first time.

Elved Crest Trivia

  • A crest that represents the season of Fall.
  • The main symbol of this crest is a skull with scythes and a crown, likely representing the harvest season as well as the slow death of fall into winter.
  • The main colors of the crest are black and white, while the skull is highlighted in a dangerous-looking red.
  • The boarder of the crest is broken and uneven, featuring what appears to be a snake. Both aspects represent danger and decay.
  • Alban statues representing the Elved unit wield a hammer; a weapon related to justice.
  • You meet the leader of the unit, Talvish, in the rocky and barren region of Bangor for the first time.

Eiler Crest Trivia

  • A crest that represents the season of Spring.
  • The main symbol of this crest is a fleur-de-lis stylized to put emphasis on a sprout-like shape.
  • The main colors of the crest are green and white.
  • The boarder of the crest features leaves and vines; it is the only crest that does not appear to feature an animal.
  • Alban statues representing the Eiler unit wield a staff; a weapon related to nature and druidry.
  • You meet the leader of the unit, Pihne, amongst the flowers and farmlands of Emain Macha for the first time.
    • Pihne is introduced in the quest called 'Budding Beginning' and has a major character development during the quest 'Budding Queen'.

Heruin Crest Trivia

  • A crest that represents the season of Summer.
  • The main symbol of this crest is a beach.
  • The main colors of the crest are blue and yellow.
  • The boarder of the crest features wings and the face of a bird creature.
    • Caswyn introduced in the quest called 'Eye of an Eagle Owl'.
  • Alban statues representing the Heruin unit wield a bow; a weapon related to swiftness.
    • Heruin is also sometimes represented by the Caduceus staff, itself related to the god Hermes who was known for his speed.
  • You meet the leader of the unit, Caswyn, amongst the trees and grass of Taillteann for the first time.



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