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Portrait of Llywelyn Cinnsealach
Llywelyn Cinnsealach
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Alban Knight

(Arthuan Unit)

Location [[Located in::Avalon City Ruins

(after G21 part 1)]]

G21: Finale Micro-Site Description

Llywelyn, the New Member of the Alban Knights

Excels at collecting information, and enjoys doing it. He is pragmatic and careful. He can be old-fashioned at times, being born in strict nobility and being educated by his parents who are also Alban Knights.

He was supposed be assigned to Lughnasadh, the intelligence unit, in consideration of his specialty and personality. However, he manifested the Divine Light in an incident; the leaders decided that he would be a better fit exploring Avalon, and assigned him to Arthuan unit.[1]


I am Llywelyn, the newest and, might I say, brightest member of the Alban Arthuan Unit, despite being around Altam's age. My primary function is defensive.



A boy as fresh and lovely as a willow tree. He looks a bit flashy, but his expression is keen and mature. His eyes gleam in mysterious colors that resemble precious gems.

Llywelyn Cinnsealach is a member of the Arthuan Unit of the Alban Knights and a critical character to Generation 21: The Guardian's Path. He comes from House Cinnsealach, a noble family with members who are Alban Knights. His nature is very circumspective, as he possesses premonitions that are generally accurate. He works alongside Avelin, his captain, and Altam, his fellow unit member.

In addition to his work in the Alban Knights' organization, Llywelyn also mentors students. He is able to attain access to information that is normally difficult for others to obtain thanks to his lineage.

Mainstream Story

Quoted Passages

The radiance of the promised land never dimmed, not even at night, and the resplendent colors were unlike any of the outside world. We could, if we desired, walk out of the forest at any moment, lean against the root of life itself, breathe deeply, and feel intangible proof of God's blessings and promises...


—Llywelyn, when quoting a passage relating to the fields of Avalon

The one who seeks will find an answer. Do not turn them away. Aton Cimeni grants answers to all who seek, yet the foolish do not see the answers laid out in front of them.


—Llywelyn, when quoting a passage referring to the Path of the Seeker

T'was a miracle, for on that day, the first to have departed, the second daughter of the blacksmith, the prudent leader... She walked toward us from a distant light, bringing with her the others. She looked upon us. She mourned, for she could not be with us. She blessed the end of our journey. T'was a moment of pure joy. Then the light gleamed, and our friends disappeared. The world was quiet, but our hearts rejoiced, knowing that they had taken residence at the side of god.


—Llywelyn, when quoting a passage relating to the spirits of the dead voyagers

Llywelyn's Equipment