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For the gate and Baltane Camp, refer to Avalon Gate. For the outskirts, refer to Outskirts of Avalon.


The radiance of the promised land never dimmed, not even at night, and the resplendent colors were unlike any of the outside world.
We could, if we desired, walk out of the forest at any moment, lean against the root of life itself, breathe deeply, and feel tangible proof of God's blessings and promises...



Once upon a time, the ancient Alban Knights reached Avalon after the divine prophecy.
They claimed the place as Aton Cimeni's sanctuary and cleansed the land. Afterward, they built a monastery and temples to worship Aton Cimeni.
The massive flow of Divine Light cumulated during the purification and uplifted all of Avalon, and a part of the sanctuary was lifted to the sky.

As Avalon was sealed, time was stopped for every creature in the region. The town that once flourished was no more.
However, the Prophets' infiltration of Avalon triggered the flow of time again. The Unholy Light of the Prophets gradually corrupted the Divine Light of the sanctuary.[1]

Avalon was the sacred land of the Alban Knights on Belvast Island, a holy sanctuary of Aton Cimeni and said to the burial place of the knight's founder, The Elder. However, the heretics that defied Aton Cimeni were relentless in breaching the holy sanctuary, forcing the Alban Knights to seal Avalon. In the present day, the Prophets have broken through the seal, corrupting the lands with their unholy power, with the creatures and guardians being unable to discern from friend or foe and attack anyone on sight.

Among the ruins are many high-level monsters consisting of Yaks and crystal-infused beasts from fish to boar. The Avalon Raids for the Sylvan Dragon and Mokkurkalfi occur here. There are also non-hostile unicorns that can be mounted on.




The holy Yggdrasil has a purifying power that cleanses the corrupted Divine Light. It can maintain its original appearance from the days of ancient Avalon, thanks to this power.

This sacred tree of life is where the Sylvan Dragon resides.

Abandoned Camp

The campsite where the ancient Alban Knights used to train is now full of creatures mutated by the corrupted Divine Light.

Around these grounds are where the Mokkurkalfi appears.

Forgotten Shore

This shore used to be full of activities as it was where the sanctuary received supplies. Since the waterway is blocked from the uplift and the sanctuary is sealed, the shore is forgotten by everyone.

City Ruins

This is where the ancient Alban Knights used to reside. Now, only the traces and the spirits with forgotten memories remain.

Here is where the soulbound Kaelic resides, providing his Erg services.

Berg Mesa

This steep cliff used to serve as the holy gate that leads to the sanctum. When the sanctuary was sealed, the cliff became isolated as well. To access it, players will need to ride unicorns just north of the City Ruins.


The center of the floating sanctum is a temple. This beautiful temple was once full with the prayer and faith for Aton Cimeni, but now it is filled with silence as Avalon is sealed.

After completing Generation 21: Finale, the player can approach the mystical tree at the Pool of Reflection to empower their Nascent Divinity with Eidos.

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Erg Enhancement Helper City Ruins
The path the local unicorns take. Red=West Route Blue=East Route



Yggdrasil Tree

West plains

Abandoned Camp

Forgotten Beach

City Ruins

Berg Mesa


  • Berg Mesa's statues and teleportation device feature actual Anglo-Saxon runes:
    • The sword-bearing statue has ᛋᚱᛒᛟᚹ and a reflection of these runes.
    • The spear-bearing statue has ᛟᚳᚻᛖ and ᛡᛒᛝᚹ.
    • The teleportation device has ᛏᚳᚹᚩᛟᛈᛞᚾ and a partial reflection of ᛏᚳᚹ followed by a single .
  • The teleportation device resembles a Geata, like those featured in Tech Duinn and Mag Mell.