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Portrait of Lanier
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation First-class actor
Location Avon
(behind the house
on the divine side)


Her soft, luminous hair wafts gently in the breeze of Avon. Her mind, however, is elsewhere, as she grips the coiled script tightly...

Lanier is the aid for the Romeo and Juliet play within Avon. Like Marlowe, she is indifferent towards the conflict between Shakespeare and the Gods.

Lanier claims she was born in "a hamlet by the name of Stratford-upon-Avon." She had been a bard, an alchemist, a merchant, and a magician. Lanier had fought alongside her friends in the Mag Tuireadh wars. When she was wounded, she read many book as she recovered, which eventually made her a writer, and indirectly, a theater actor.

It is unknown what her exact position in Avon is.