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Portrait of Laurence
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Priest
Location Globe Theatre (Verona)


A high priest of Verona. Friar Laurence (sometimes written as Lawrence) plays a major role in Romeo and Juliet, as he aids Romeo and Juliet to their love. Laurence is an expert in Potion Making and Herbalism.

Laurence is led to believe that the two star-crossed lovers will finally end the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets, and agrees to secretly wed them.

Story of Romeo and Juliet

Act 2 Scene 2

Laurence is informed when he hears Romeo falling in-love with Juliet, his enemy. Laurence is surprised by this change of events and sends a messenger to Juliet.

If so...come, young waverer.

In one respect I'll thy assistant be,
for this alliance may so happy prove
to turn your household's rancor to pure


Act 2 Scene 3

Juliet asks Lord Capulet's permission to leave for Friar Laurence's for a certain matter, but declines as the outskirts of Verona are too dangerous. A helper of Juliet assures the Lord that she will be safe.

At the church, Friar Laurence weds the two star-crossed lovers in privacy.

Act 3 Scene 2

Juliet's Nurse, along with her guardian, fend off Verona Dark Skeleton Soldiers as they make their way to Friar Laurence's Abbey. There, the Nurse encounters a weeping Romeo and in forms him that Juliet had also wept learning that her cousin is dead, but mostly that her husband has been banished. Laurence assures them that he will find a way to reunite them. Romeo, feeling slightly better, goes to the Capulet House to see Juliet once more before he leaves Verona.

Act 3 Scene 3

Juliet heads to Friar Laurence for aid to escape a horrid wedding between her and Paris.

Act 4 Scene 1

Juliet arrives in Friar Laurence's cell and begs him to help her. He planned to give her a potion, but lacked the ingredients, so he sent an assistant to obtain 4 Verona Herbs.

After giving her the drug, he informs Juliet that she will agree to Count Paris's wedding before the day, but at that night, she must use the potion, which will give her the appearance of death (no warmth, no breath, no heartbeat, no pulse, etc.) for forty-eight hours, where her funeral is hosted instead. The night after Juliet's burial, he and Romeo will take her from the Capulet tomb to Mantua. In the meantime, he sends the assistant to inform Romeo of this plan.

Act 4 Scene 2

Juliet had followed the plan, and lies "dead" in her bed. The following morning, Laurence assures the Capulets and Paris that everything will be all right.

Meanwhile, while the messenger travels to Mantua, Shakespeare is spotted fleeing from Bran. The messenger attempts to stall the Guardian of Avon while the playwright flees. However, this leads to the messenger's defeat.

Act 5 Scene 1

Laurence's messenger recovers from unconsciousness. The messenger, realizing that it is too late to deliver the letter, informs Laurence that the letter could not be delivered because of the monsters. Horrified, Laurence sends the messenger to Juliet's grave to recover her while Laurence attempts to locate Romeo.