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Maplestory + Mabinogi Event (2016)

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Maplestory + Mabinogi Event (2016) Advertisement
September 21st, 2016 – October 12th, 2016
For similar past event, see MapleStory x Mabinogi Event.


The MapleStory + Mabinogi Event is back! Last year's classic crossover with our friends over at MapleStory are back for another round of fun! With new Homestead Props and a new buddy that loves Erinn so much he feels like sticking around, there's plenty for everyone to work for!

Event Details:

  • Speak to the NPC Mushmom in Dunbarton to register a character for the event. Be sure to say hi to the visiting Maplestory characters!
  • Select a baby Maplestory character to adopt and help grow
  • Every real-time day, you'll receive 6 Happy Essences that can be given to the baby to help it grow
  • Every 1 hour of real time, an additional Happy Essence will be delivered as well
  • One the baby is fully grown, bring it back to the Mushmom and collect your rewards including 60,000 EXP, 10,000 Gold, an AP 5 Potion and a Mushking Empire Gift Box!
  • Speak to the Mushmom again to get a new baby to grow! You can turn in a fully grown baby one a real-time day
  • Complete the quest six times to receive the brand-new Pink Bean Homestead Prop!

Pink Bean Details:

  • Place the Pink Bean in your Homestead will allow you to claim a new Daily Quest, as you entertain a new buddy that's decided to stick around in Erinn
  • Complete Pink Beans daily quest to receive 80,000 EXP!
  • Quest will remain available even after the Maplestory x Mabinogi Event ends!

Mushking Empire Gift Box Contents
Each Mushking Empire Gift Box contains one of the below items, selected randomly:

  • Giant Yeti Chair
  • Giant King Pepe Chair
  • Mushroom Friend Chair
  • Pink Bean Chair *NEW*
  • Pink Bean's Headset *NEW*
  • Orange Mushroom Figure *NEW*
  • Horny Mushroom Figure *NEW*
  • Green Mushroom Figure *NEW*
  • Yeti Figure *NEW*
  • King Pepe Figure *NEW*
  • Blue Upgrade Stone (7 Days)
  • Red Upgrade Stone (7 Days)
  • Various Jewels (5-10cm)
  • Various Free Repair Kits (7 days)
  • Various Potions (x5)
  • Various Double Skill EXP Potions

MapleStory x Mabinogi Hot Weekends

Event Details:
Login to Mabinogi during the following days to receive a Weekend Happy Essence, which can be used to grow your little buddy at a better rate than the normal Happy Essences!

  • Saturday, Sept. 24
  • Sunday, Sept. 25

  • Saturday, Oct. 1
  • Sunday, Oct. 2

  • Saturday, Oct. 8
  • Sunday, Oct. 9[1]


  • Talk to Mushmom, located near Lorna of Dunbarton, to receive a baby to take care of and feed Happy Essences to it to increase its size.
    • Can choose either Baby Orange Mushroom, Baby Horny Mushroom, Baby Green Mushroom, Baby Yeti, Baby King Pepe, or Baby Pink Bean. (Does not affect reward outcome)
  • Your objective is to use Happy Essences while your baby is out until it reaches 250cm (starts at 50cm).
    • You will receive six Happy Essences upon logging in for the first time each real-life day and receive an additional one Happy Essence for every 36 minutes you are logged in.
    • On Saturday and Sunday you will receive 1 Happy Essence (Weekend).
    • Notice: Any Happy Essences you accumulated from the previous day will disappear when log in or change channel after the new real day starts.

Stages of Mushy

Mushy Stage 1.png Mushy Stage 2.png Mushy Stage 3.png Mushy Stage 4.png
Stage 1
50cm ~ 89cm
Stage 2
90cm ~ 149cm
Stage 3
150cm ~ 249cm
Stage 4
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[Guide] MapleStory Visitors
How to Get Quest

Log in during event period.

Briefing Mushmom and friends have returned from MapleStory! Talk to Mushmom next to the Dunbarton General Shop.
  • Set your main character with Mushmom in Dunbarton
[Event] Meet the Babies!
How to Get Quest

Select main character for event by speaking to Mushmom

Briefing Our little friends from MapleStory have arrived in Erinn, and they're just dying to meet you!
  • Talk to Mushmom to meet the babies.
  • Bring a fully-grown baby to Mushmom
Additional Information
  • Can only receive a new quest once daily. Previous day's quest will not expire if not completed.
  • Complete this quest 6 times to receive a Homestead Erinn Resident Pink Bean.


Mushking Empire Gift Box

Featured Items

Jewels (5-10cm)

Free Repair Kits


Double Skill EXP Potions

Special Mushking Empire Gift Box

Player may select to receive one of the following: