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The Black Sun of the Shadow Realm.

Description and Geography

The Shadow Realm is a mirror copy of the world of Erinn that was created by an unknown cause, and is illuminated by the Dark Sun. It is constantly growing and expanding.

Weather occurs normally, but the Shadow realm casts a dark, reddish glow over the lands, and the skies are perpetually red. When it is daytime in Erinn, it is night time in the Shadow Realm, and vice-versa.

All plant life appears withered or dead, and buildings are ruined and weathered.

While the Shadow realm mirrors Erinn, it sometimes takes on properties of its own that cannot be found elsewhere.

You may enter the Shadow Realm by making use of the Stonehenge.

  • The location in the Shadow Realm that is arrived upon is dependent on which Shadow Mission is chosen.


Areas of Interest

  • The resources, amenities and facilities that may be found in the Shadow Realm generally are the same than their Erinn counterparts, with some exceptions.
    • Animals, like hens and dogs, will be absent.
    • You cannot fish.
    • Moon Gates will always be inactive.
    • The usual map exits you may find will be blocked.


Resource Obtained From Location
Berry.png Berry
Branches.png Branches
Tree hitting Any tree
Firewood.png Firewood (Tree) (Gathering Axe equipped) from Trees Any tree
Arat Berry.pngOrange Arat Berry.pngRed Arat Berry.pngPurple Arat Berry.png Arat Berry
Hitting Arat Trees Shadow Abb Neagh
Shadow Realm Honey.png Shadow Realm Honey Tree Hitting (Shadow Corrib Valley's flowering trees) Shadow Corrib Valley
Resource Obtained From Location
Common Cuilin Stone.png Low-Grade/Common Cuilin Stones
Mining Cuilin Stone deposits Shadow Sliab Cuilin
Common Cuilin Stone.png Fine/Finest Cuilin Stones
Mining Cuilin Stone deposits Shadow Sliab Cuilin
Resource Obtained From Location
Large Nail.png Large Nail
Small Gem.png Small Gem
Small Green Gem.png Small Blue Gem.png Small Red Gem.png Colored Small Gems
Hitting man-made objects Same locations as the Erinn counterpart


  • None




  • See the respective articles on Shadow Missions.

Areas Connected

  • Taillteann Stonehenge (Shadow Realm Taillteann, Sliab Cuilin, Abb Neagh)
  • Tara Stonehenge (Shadow Realm Blago Prairie, Corrib Valley, Tara, Rath Royal Castle)


Track Title
Pale, Darkened Earth
Shadow Realm of Taillteann
Palace of Shadows
Shadow Realm of Tara
Song of the Partholons
Shadow Realm of Rath Royal Castle
When Shadows Grow Long
Shadow Taillteann Boss theme
The Plaguelands
Shadow Realm Rath Castle Boss theme



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