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Portrait of Odran
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 43
Location [[Located in::Scathach Beach (Base Camp)]]

Track Friend of Solitude and Loneliness


His eyes shine brightly under his unkempt hair. An air of mystery hangs about him, and his bushy beard and bloodstained uniform suggest that he's been here for a long time.

Odran is the hot-tempered brother of Admiral Owen. He is an expert at Martial Arts.

Mainstream Story


Odran has authored a book:



  • Odran once worked in the mines of Bangor, a fact he reveals if the player uses the Private Story Keyword at high Likeability.
  • Odran (sometimes written as Oran or Horan) is an Irish name from the word odhar (meaning dun, greyish-brown, dull, or dark).
  • Odran is always ready to draw his sword (including on the player), as can be seen in his concept art. In-game, his Portrait is too short to see this fact.
  • Strangely, despite being a user of Fighter Skills in Generation 16: Macbeth, his RP in The Saga: Iria has no Fighter Skills, but Melee Skills.