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Dressing Room

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The world of style is getting a makeover! This season, we’re scrapping the beauty shop and strutting a sweet new user interface that lets you swap around all your collected equipment on the fly . Dress up or dress down in the privacy of your virtual changing room, updating facial features or transitioning between outfits stored on your person or in your stash. Why waste time running errands between the bank, parlor, and nail salon when everything you need is at your delicately manicured fingertips? Click a Pon coin to get started!

Is your inventory getting cluttered by all your fashionable outfits? Well relief is here in the form of the Dressing Room. This update creates a new inventory just for your outfits, and lets you organize and swap them across all characters on your account. We're also scrapping the Beauty Shop and replacing it with the Appearance Change UI, which lets you customize your character's facial appearance on the fly.

And say goodbye to Ropa! Now you can extend your style tab for 30 days with just the click of a button.[1]


  • To use the Dressing Room, expand the user interface at the bottom, click on the button labeled "Dressing Room," and click "Open the Dressing Room."
  • While the Dressing Room is open:
    • Your character is forced to walk.
    • You can alter the camera angle in areas where camera angle is normally fixed (e.g. most town indoor areas).
    • Going into Combat Mode will forcibly close the Dressing Room.
  • The Dressing Room cannot be opened:

Equipment Storage

  • The Dressing Room consists of many slots to collect multiple equipment.
    • Only the following types of equipment can be collected: Hats, Gloves, Clothing/Armor, Shoes, Robes/Wings, Tails, and Face Accessories.
      • Equipment that is personalized, irreparable, untradeable, and/or have 0 durability cannot be collected.
      • Certain event equipment cannot be collected.
      • Once collected, you can preview it before taking it out of the Dressing Room.
        • Race, Gender, Accessory limits, and/or Age Restrictions still apply.
      • While the Dressing Room is open, you can sort the equipment to show only Male, Female, or both genders, along with whether or not to show only collected items.
      • There is also a search function that can be used to quickly find an item. This function is case-sensitive.
      • Any items collected can be viewed as long as the characters are on the same server.
    • You can only collect one equipment of each type. For example, you can only collect one Slender Robe at a time.
    • Clothing items located on a locked VIP inventory tab can be still placed in the Dressing Room.
    • If you have a Dye Ampoule in your inventory, you can dye a piece of equipment collected inside the Dressing Room.
    • The number of stars next to an equipment indicates its rarity. The higher the number of yellow stars, the less often it is collected in the dressing room.
      • Rarity is determined by how many of the same item has been collected on a particular server.
  • The Dressing Room is shared within the account, so any collected equipment can be transferred to any character within the account.
  • You may choose to seal (Seal.png) a piece of equipment inside the Dressing Room. However, this can not be undone for 30 days, rendering the equipment unusable and unmovable from the Dressing Room.
  • A small fee of 2.5% of the item's Purchase Value is required to remove a piece of equipment collected in the Dressing Room.

Custom Idle Poses

  • The Dressing Room can be used to share Custom Idle Poses between outfits.
    • The player can select one Custom Idle Pose to be applied by clicking on the green "Motion" button.
      • The currently selected motion will instead show as a yellow "Applied" button.
    • The "View Outfits with Motion" Checkbox can be used to quickly search through eligible outfits.
  • Outfits with a Custom Idle Pose can only share their Pose with outfits that have a Custom Idle Pose themselves.
    • Only one outfit can share a Custom Idle Pose at a time and it must remain in the Dressing Room while it is sharing.
    • The outfit using another's Pose must be in the Style Tab and it must be active.
    • Outfit Equipment from Promotional Crossovers are not eligible for this system and cannot share or use any Custom Idle Pose besides their own.
    • Non-outfit Equipment that grant a Custom Idle Pose, such as the William Glasses, are not eligible and will usually take priority.
    • A character can only use Custom Idle Poses from outfits they can wear, based off of Race and Gender.

Appearance Change

  • The Dressing Room can be used to change character looks.
  • Unmarked appearances are free, Premium and Coupon appearances require Pons, and Beauty Coupon appearances require Beauty Coupons.
    • You will be prompted the total cost of all changes.
      • Hair Change
        • Hair costs 5 Pons.
        • Hair Color costs 3 Pons.
      • Eye Surgery
        • Eyes cost 5 Pons.
        • Eye Color costs 3 Pons.
      • Cosmetic Surgery
        • Facial features (Lips and Face Shape) cost 5 Pons each.
        • Skin Colors cost 4 Pons each.


  • The Dressing Room can be used to change the speed at which a character blinks.
    • The settings can be found under Appearance Change's Eye Category.
  • "Enable Blinking" can be unchecked to turn blinking entirely off.
  • "Blinking Interval" is the minimum and maximum time a blink may occur between.
    • The absolute minimum is a blink every 1 second and the absolute maximum is a blink every 60 seconds.
  • "Number of Blinks" can be modified to blink once every blink interval, twice consecutively every blink interval, or to randomly blink once or twice every blink interval.
  • "Blinking Speed" can be modified to increase or decrease the time it takes for a character to close and reopen their eyes.
    • This time can be set from a absolute minimum of 0.03 seconds to a absolute maximum of 0.15 seconds.
  • Blinking does not apply to Fox Eyes, Innocent and Pure Look, Too-solemn Look, Languid Look, Too-righteous Look, Sharp Look, Cartoonish Eyes, Tired Eyes, Bright Eyes, Cai's Eyes, Elatha's Eyes, Pencast's Eyes, Buchanan's Eyes, Claudius's Eyes, Romeo's Grateful Eyes, Juliet's Grateful Eyes, Shylock's Eyes, Duncan's Eyes, Crying Eyes, Akule's Eyes, Culinary Artist's Eyes, Sour, Bangled, Horror, Slight Frown, Naive, Dot Eyes, Shady Eyes, Guarded Eyes, Deceiving Eyes, Vagabond Eyes, Two-Toned Hidden Heart Eyes, Two-Toned Kyururu Eyes, Serval Eyes, Caracal Eyes, Northern White-Faced Owl Eyes, Western Parotia Eyes, Superb Bird-of-Paradise Eyes, Common Raccoon Eyes, Fennec Fox Eyes, Crested Ibis Eyes, Beast Eyes, Sleeping Eyes, Meditating Eyes (Elf M/F), Heartfelt Eyes (Giant M), Sharp Eyes (Giant M), Confident Eyes (Giant M), Insightful Eyes (Giant F).
  • Blinking cannot be applied to Partners.

Beauty Slots

  • The Dressing Room can be used to store the current appearance of a character for later.
  • Characters have access to 3 Hair, 3 Eye, 3 Face, and 3 Mouth Beauty Slots by default.
    • Additional Beauty Slots may be purchased for Pon, up to a total of 300 Slots each.
      • Hair Slots cost 60 Pon while Eye, Face, and Mouth Slots cost 45 Pon.
    • This system is managed per character unlike the Dressing Room. Saved appearances and expansions only show up on the related character.
  • When storing appearances, any colors will be stored as well.
    • It is possible to store all appearances types at once using the "Save All Appearances" option, so long as enough Beauty Slots are free.
    • Stored appearances can be deleted permanently to make room for more.
  • Switching between saved appearances costs nothing and can be done at any time.
    • Remember to save any current, unsaved appearances that you do not wish to lose.
  • A player that chooses to rebirth into a different gender will be able to use the saved slots upon going back to their original gender, granted that the beauty slots have been saved beforehand.
    • The features locked to the player's other gender will be grayed out and made unusable.


  • For all quests, you may "pre-collect" the item required and the requirement will be fulfilled the moment the character with the quest requirement opens the Dressing Room. This must be repeated for each part of the quest.
  • For the first three quests, if you do not own any of the equipment and have to buy them, it will cost a total of 87,050 Gold.
    • You can save 114 Gold from the Cruces Robe if you are a Human who is Elf-allied and buy it from Lepus in Connous. Another 500 Gold can be saved if you buy the Guardian Helm from Elen, for a total of 86,436 Gold.
    • From all the quests, you will be refunded back 15,000 Gold total in rewards.

[Guide] Dressing Room (First Collection)

How to Get Quest

Log in and have a total level over 300

Briefing Why are you not taking care of these lovely, lovely clothes? I can't just watch you do this. On my honor as Simon, the greatest designer of all, I will teach you to appreciate your wardrobe. You will need to do exactly as I tell you.
I'll see you in the Dressing Room. - Simon-
  1. Obtain Popo's Shirt and Pants.
  2. Collect Popo's Shirt and Pants from the Dressing Room.
Additional Information

[Guide] Dressing Room (Second Collection)

How to Get Quest

Complete the quest Dressing Room (First Collection)

Briefing You're better at following instructions then I expected. What do you think the keystone of fashion is?
It's the face, of course.
A perfect face sets off a perfect outfit.
But don't be too discouraged. You'll be able to cover up that face with some items that I recommend. And you'll need to cover it up real good. - Simon-
  1. Collect a Tricolor Robe.
  2. Collect a Cruces Robe.
  3. Collect a Slender Robe.
Additional Information

[Guide] Dressing Room (Third Collection)

How to Get Quest

Complete the quest Dressing Room (Second Collection)

Briefing I am a little touched.
I honestly never thought you would have such a talent for collecting.
Perhaps you should try collecting something more challenging.
Your wardrobe could use a little metal, I think. - Simon-
  1. Collect the Print Casual Wear.
  2. Collect the Tera Adventurer Wear.
  3. Collect the Guardian Helm.
Additional Information

[Guide] Dressing Room (Final Collection)

How to Get Quest

Complete the quest Dressing Room (Third Collection)

Briefing You are a glimmering jewel in the sea of collectors.
I feel there is truly nothing left to teach you. Just collect tons of clothes.
- Simon-
  • Collect 10 types of clothing.
  • Collect 10 types of gloves.
  • Collect 10 types of shoes.
  • Collect 10 types of hats.
  • Collect 10 types of robes.
Additional Information


  • The implementation of the Dressing Room replaced the Beauty Shop entirely, only retaining the ability to change one's appearance.
    • As a result, Coco and Ropa have been removed from the game.