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Pursue the Outlaw!

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Inside an Outlaw's Homestead.
For other missions, see Category:Shadow Missions.


  • This mission is obtained after pursuing an outlaw through the Wanted Board.
  • Obtain an Outlaw's Homestead Pass, then defeat the Bandits in the Outlaw's Homestead.
  • There is a possibility that an outlaw appears within the Homestead.
    • If this occurs, no other monster will spawn.
    • If there is an outlaw within the homestead, a cutscene will commence when starting and after defeating the outlaw.
  • The difficulty of the mission is always set at Basic, however the enemies are more powerful than other Basic enemies.
  • Since this is considered a Shadow Mission, players are able to use Shadow Crystals and Dragon Support.
  • Like normal Bandits, the Homestead Bandits have instant aggro and a far aggro range.
  • If the outlaw is not home, the information box will say: Looks like the Outlaw is not home. Maybe they have something you can take!


It may take several pursuits to actually get to a Bandit Homestead with just your specific boss.

  • Upon entering a Bandit's Homestead, a short cutscene will play, featuring the Outlaw you are hunting.
  • The information box will say: Take down the Outlaw. Give that thief their just desserts!
  • After the cutscene, the only Bandit present is the outlaw.
  • Some of these Outlaws have Legendary Weapons such as the Caladbolg, Master Lich Wand, and Venom Sword.
  • Like their fellow goons, the outlaw has instant aggro and a very far aggro range, sometimes detecting the player the moment they enter the Homestead.
  • It is recommended to use Dragon Support, Transformation and/or Demigod on these bosses because of their difficulty.
  • After successfully defeating the boss, another cutscene will play, and you will receive the Outlaw Hunter title.
    • Each outlaw also has their own Journal entry that you receive after defeating a specific outlaw for the first time.
    • After the end cutscene and mission reward, you will also receive a Bounty Pouch containing the Outlaw's Bounty from the board.

Mission Information



or one of the following:

Completion Rewards

(No Outlaw)
100,000 EXP
1,000 Ducats
200,000 EXP
5,000 Ducats

Chest Rewards