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Equipped Caladbolg Sheathed Caladbolg
Equipped Sheathed

A well-known sword, handed down to the Parthalonians from a noble family after a great flood. It disappeared into history after Prince Tuan lost it, but it has recently resurfaced. It contains the might of lightning itself. (Cannot be dyed)

Base Stats and Information

Icon of Caladbolg
1 × 4
Slow 2 Hit Weapon
Base Stats Limitations
Damage 75~160 Injury 10%~20% Human Classic Spirit Fomor
90% = 160 D
95% = 1,456 D
98% = 3,693 D
100% = 7,318 D
Balance 30% Critical 50% Elf Enchant
Stun 2.3 sec Upgrade?100 0/0 Giant Reforge
Durability 19
NPC Value?
12,000 G100 Dual W.100 H100 Sp. Up.100
S. Radius100 250 S. Angle100 60°
S. Damage100 40% SP/Swing100 1.2
Enchant Types?100 / One-handed Weapon / Sword / Metal / 
Other Information
  • Cannot be dyed.
  • Is a Close Combat Weapon and receives various melee skill bonuses.
  • Compatible with One-handed Sword Appearance Scrolls.
  • Can receive Erg enhancement.
  • Deals lightning-based damage.
  • Emits a lightning glow effect when equipped.
  • Has a small chance to attack with a single charge of Thunder.
    • Damage is affected by Lightning Mastery and Thunder. The Caladbolg can also help train these skills.
    • Thunder can hit nearby targets even if they are not hit by Caladbolg's splash.
      • Enemies hit by the Thunder's splash will aggro.
    • Thunder can still activate upon striking a target using Defense.
    • Being Dazed does not prevent the Thunder effect.
Obtained From?100
Sold By?
  • None


  • The Caladbolg has the same in-game model as the Python Knight's Sword of Uroborus, but with a lightning effect.