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Recall Book

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Tir Chonaill Recall Book.png Dunbarton Recall Book.png
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An enchanted book that remembers locations you have visited and allows you to return to them instantly. Certain volumes can only remember locations that they belong to.

Basic Information

  • The Recall Book is a book that members of a Guardian Guild can use to instantly travel to a location in their Guardian Town.
  • Recall Books are obtainable for Tir Chonaill and Dunbarton as these are the two possible Guardian Guilds; Duncan and Eavan will reward them respectively.
    • A player cannot already have a Recall Book in their inventory; even expired ones must be deleted first.
    • Players can receive any number of Recall Books per day.
    • Recall Books can be placed in a characer's Special Inventory.
  • All Recall Books are set to expire at
    6:00pm PST
    on the day of their respective town's Guardian Guild Tournament.

Recall List

A Recall Book with one registered location, named and located at "Eavan's" Town Office.
  • A new Recall Book has 4 unregistered locations. Owners may go to any location on the map for their Guardian Town and click on 'Unregistered' to register a location.
    • Players will need to name their selected location to save the location; names support up to 16 characters each.
    • Renaming or changing a location can be done at any time by clicking on the registered location's name.
    • The player can use a location multiple times.
    • Indoor locations, even those belonging to their Guardian Town, are ineligible since they are not the same map.
  • Once per real day, the player can click on the 'Move' button next to a registered location to move to it from any location in the game.
    • This resets at
      12:00am PST
      and when the player receives a new Recall Book.


  • Since players have to re-register every time they get a new book, a great option is to make all 4 of their locations Duncan or Eavan.
    • Additionally, naming the locations 1, 2, 3, and 4 will save a great deal of effort.
    • Doing this allows the player to have 4 teleports to their Guardian Town, specifically allowing the player instant access to their Guardian Guild Quests and Shop.
  • Since the player can delete and reobtain books as they please, if a player runs out of daily teleports they can delete their old book and get a new one to refresh the times.
    • This works particularly well with the above tip.