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Roulette Bingo Event (2012)

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September 19th, 2012 ~ October 3rd, 2012


Gather some Coins and play Roulette Bingo! You could spin your way to a Metal Dye Ampoule, Beam Sword, and your very own Warp Imp Whistle!

Talk to Caravan Joe to start the event.
You'll get 1 Roulette Bingo Coin every 30 minutes, and you can get more by killing monsters.
You can request a new Roulette Bingo Board from Caravan Joe every day.
Use your coins to spin the wheel and stamp numbers on your board.
You'll get one AP Potion +5 and one Warp Imp Coupon once each day for spinning the wheel.
Stamp all the numbers in a row, column, or diagonal, and that's Bingo!
Turn in your winning board for a Roulette Bingo Gift Box which contains 1 of many great prizes!
Take 10 Warp Imp Coupons to Caravan Joe for your very own Warp Imp Whistle!
Event Warp Imp has different features than the normal Warp Imp.[1]


  • To start the event, talk to Caravan Joe, who is located by the Upgrade Anvil in Dunbarton Square.
    • Upon talking to him, he will give you a Roulette Bingo Board. You can receive one of these per real life day which resets at 12:00am PDT100.
  • Collect Roulette Bingo Coins and use them to spin the wheel and fill out the bingo board.
    • One coin is automatically rewarded every 30 minutes you are logged in. They also drop from monsters that are of Similar, Strong, Awful, and Boss CP level to your character.
      • Coins received every 30 minutes do not stack automatically.
      • Logging off, changing channels, and the like will reset the timer.
      • On the board, an option allows the coin timer to be visible on your screen, and positionable to your liking.
  • Completing a row or column on the board will result in a bingo, which rewards a Roulette Bingo Gift Box.
    • Despite what the event description says, diagonals do not count as a bingo.
    • Despite what the event description says, turning in a completed board does not reward a box.
  • One AP 5 Potion and a Warp Imp Coupon will be awarded for spinning the wheel for the first time every real life day which resets at 7:00am PDT100.
  • Turn in ten Warp Imp Coupons to Caravan Joe to receive a Warp Imp Whistle.
    • You may only receive one whistle per account.
  • Completing every square on a bingo board rewards a devCAT Bag (8X8) Coupon.


Roulette Bingo Event
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Roulette Bingo Event.

Briefing Round and round and round she goes, where she stops, B-I-N-G-O! You can win one AP +5 Potion every day, and I'll also be handing out a gigantic devCat bag to those who complete the entire board! Participate for 10 days in a row, and you'll net yourself a Warp Imp. Head to Dunbarton if you're interested!

Bingo Rewards




Enchant Scrolls


Bonus Bingo Rewards