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Portrait of ShenonFile:Shenon.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Sailor
Location Port Ceann
Track Summer sea boy


Here's a kid with rough blonde hair that seems to have been heavily affected by sand, and a nicely tanned body that explains the amount of hours he spent under the sun. His dark, acorn eyes beam with curiosity, and although he doesn't notice it, the tip of his nose seems to move whenever he talks.

Shenon is a young sailor who works for Carasek, the captain of the boat that travels between Port Ceann on the Uladh continent and Port Qilla on the Iria continent. Shenon can be found stationed at the entrance to the Port of Ceann dock and sells Boarding Passes for the boat, among other items.

So far, there is not much to tell. He aims to be a captain but is just a sailor for now. He seems to spend much of his time picking and loading fruit onto the boat.


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  • Talk to Shenon using the "How To Get On the Boat" keyword to obtain the "Help Me Fix a Boat" quest. The reward is 1,000 experience points and a Boarding Pass.
  • Shenon is involved in four of the five "Note Inside a Bottle" quests, particularly the Imps' Prank.
    • Three of the quests involving Shenon can be obtained by fishing at Port Ceann and one can be obtained by fishing in the lake around Emain Macha.




Track Title
Summer sea boy
Speaking to Shenon


  • Shenon claims to be a distant cousin of Sion.
  • Shenon used to be the main ferryman to Iria before Port Cobh's release.
  • Previously, Shenon had a hazel eye color. This was erroneously changed to an alabaster eye color with the 2021 Beauty Update.
  • During the Samhain Event's Strange Occurrences RP Quest Shenon had Rank A Crisis Escape, Rank 9 Healing, Rest, First Aid, Rank 5 Windmill, Rank 4 Combat Mastery, Defense, Counterattack, and Rank 3 Smash. Shenon had 310 HP, 100 MP, 100 SP, 29~60 Damage, and 26 Defense.