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Item Bonus

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For the system that grants crafted and rewarded items direct bonuses, see Item Quality.


Item Bonuses are various types of Bonuses applied to regular items, often commonplace and otherwise considered "trash", in order to make them more desirable; most Item Bonuses require the player to get rid of the item in some fashion in order to receive the reward.

Shop Sales Bonus

Shop Price Increase

  • Shop Price Increase adds a Bonus amount of gold that can be earned when an item is sold to a NPC.
    • Items will have their NPC Shop Sales Price modified to reflect the change.
    • Items with this Bonus must have their gold deposited to the bank.
    • Items with this Bonus will have no depositing fee applied, even if item would have one applied for normally being over 50k resell value.
    • Unlike most Item Bonuses, no colored border appears for this modification.
  • See Shop Price Modifiers for a list of Enchants that can modify the NPC Value of items.
  • Various Luxury Bags have a similar Item Bonus applied.

Spirit EXP Bonus

  • Spirit EXP Bonus adds a Bonus amount of Spirit EXP to items if they are fed to weapons that have gone through Spirit Ascension.
    • Classic Spirit Weapons will not receive this Item Bonus.
    • A colored border will appear around any items with this Item Bonus.


  • The color of the border on Item Bonus items is determined by the player's Interface Color.