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The Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh

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Sen Mag Prairie


The Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh took place on what is now called the Sen Mag Prairie and is also known as Moitura. The battle was mostly fought between the Tuatha de Dananns and the Fomorians, with many survivors still alive today.


Origins and Beginning

  • The second battle took place between the humans and fomors. After the retreat of their leader, [1] the humans had to bring an end to the ongoing conflict.


  • Lugh was able to persuade the Spirits, Imps, and the Fir Bolgs, who fought against the Tuatha de Dananns in the First Battle of Mag Tuireadh, to help fight against the Fomors.

  • Lugh defeats Balor, the Fomor king, and put an end to the long war between humans and Fomors. [4]
  • During the battle, Claimh Solas, Nuadha's sword, became bathed in blood and got turned into the key to opening a door to Noitar Arat. However, the sword was swallowed up by Cromm Cruaich before this could happen.[5]
  • Cichol becomes the new leader of the Fomors, as Balor's heir. [6]
  • After the fall of Balor, fomors regroup under Cichol's rule and launch an assault to attempt to take Tara. Fallon participates in this battle. [7]


  • The Fir Bolgs seemingly disappear from history and records after these events.

  • After the Mother Tree was cut down despite a promise between Lugh and the Fairy Queen that humans would not touch the tree, [8] Lugh relinquished his Paladin Armor and all its powers. Lugh doesn't return the Pragarah to the Fairy Queen.