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Snaky Energy

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For other missions, see Category:Shadow Missions.


  • Talk to Caravan Joe in Dunbarton during the Snake Dungeon Event to begin the mission.
    • The difficulty of the mission is locked to Basic.
  • The party begins in an empty version of Dunbarton's square, minus the bell tower.
  • Defeat the Snakes. Typically, there are four giant snakes accompanied by up to 20 smaller snakes.
  • There are 18 waves of snakes

Mission Information

  • Quest: Snake Dungeon Event
  • Party Size: 3~8
  • Time Limit: 90 minutes
  • Info: Defeat the snakes.
  • Details: It's 2013, the Year of the Snake. You know what that means... The snakes are all going crazy! Go with them a 'Happy' New Year!


Monster Spawn Patterns


  • Poison Immunity is a great boon in this mission as most snakes have Poison Attack; damage typically originates more from poison than from the damage of the snakes themselves.
  • All snakes multi-aggro, and will nearly instantly aggro the moment a player approaches their detect range. When a wave spawns, snakes that do not instantly aggro a player will rush toward the center of the square and stay there.
  • Very rarely, snakes may spawn out of bounds. If this happens, use attacks that go through obstacles, such as pets with area of effect skills or Adniel's Horn Bugle, to reach them. However, if none of these are available, the mission may need to be forfeited.
  • Consider assigning one person to solely use Party Healing to keep everyone healthy due to the constant poison damage.
  • Ice Spear and Flame Burst are great ways to dispatch the large spawn of snakes.
  • Having a Giant with a high ranked Taunt is recommended to lure enemies away from lower defense party members.
    • Wind Guard will help stand ground to Windmill the snakes. In conjunction use Taunt to lure all the snakes away from weaker members.
  • The Ascended Python (Boss) can be snared, allowing others to attack it without it retaliating. Two players can alternate snaring, effectively stopping the python in its tracks.
  • Be wary of the Pit Vipers that spawn at the second to the last wave. They have the fastest movement speed of all monsters, slithering across the entire square in just a fraction of a second.
  • The Dragon Eater is a Uroborus. Players must damage the body in order to strike at the head portion. The body has very low HP, but the head is quite bulky.
    • Unlike Uroborus, Dragon Eater does not generate an aura to defend its bodies, nor will it spray constant flames.
    • As only one Dragon Eater head needs to be killed to complete the mission, the entire party should concentrate their damage on one head and ignore the other three.
      • Alternatively, one or two members of the party can attack the other three heads, preventing them from damaging and interrupting the rest of the party, as only the Dragon Eater can inflict considerable damage without inflicting Poison.


EXP Gold
Basic 300,000 1,000