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Sword Art Online Event

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Banner for the Sword Art Online Event.
August 13th, 2014 - September 9th, 2014


Experience your ultimate anime fantasy! The digital worlds of Sword Art Online and Mabinogi have come together for one of the most exciting crossovers in gaming. Join Kirito and friends on an epic adventure to uncover the true meaning behind Sword Art Online's all-powerful mastermind. The stakes have never been higher - watch your step, or you just might lose yourself in the game!

Sword Art Online has come to Mabinogi, introducing tons of new events and awesome items designed to bring the grand anime right into your nerve-gear. And it all starts August 13.

Dungeon Capture

Banner for the Sword Art Online Dungeon Capture Event.

The whole server must work together to map out the dungeons of Mabinogi. The more you contribute, the more you help yourself and your fellow players.

Event Dates:
Wednesday, Aug. 13 - Tuesday, Sept. 9 (4 weeks)

Free Yui

Banner for the Sword Art Online Free Yui Event.

Log in on August 23 to claim your very own Yui!

Event Dates:
Saturday, Aug. 23 any time of day

Crystallite Collecting

Banner for the Sword Art Online Crystallite Collecting Event.

Kirito will take care of the White Dragon while you help Lisbeth gather up Crystallite amidst an army of snow trolls.

Event Dates:
Wednesday, Aug. 20 - Tuesday, Sept. 9 (3 weeks)

King of the Lake

Banner for the Sword Art Online King of the Lake Event.

Take a break from adventuring with Nishida's refreshing fishing event.

Event Dates:
Wednesday, Aug. 27 - Tuesday, Sept. 9 (2 weeks)


  • Log in to receive the quest, The Phenomenon.

Dungeon Capture Event

For individual page with full details, see here.
  • In Alby, Math, Fiodh, and Peaca Dungeon, players can map out the dungeon using a SAO Dungeon Capture Pass.
    • All passes are solo and can be obtained from the Dungeon Informant found in the lobby of Fiodh and Peaca Dungeons, or outside of Alby and Math Dungeons.
    • There is no limit as to how many passes you can receive.
  • All the dungeons are split into "Zones."
    • Clearing a specific zone will allow players to receive a map piece for that specific zone (e.g. SAO Dungeon Capture: Peaca Zone 2 will yield a SAO Dungeon Map Piece: Peaca Zone 2).
    • The map piece can be traded in for zone tickets for that specific zone (e.g. SAO Dungeon Map Piece: Alby Zone 1 will be traded in for SAO Dungeon Ticket: Zone 1) when talking to the Dungeon Informant.
      • SAO Dungeon Tickets are tradeable.
    • In order to unlock a higher zone, players on the same server must collaborate on turning in map pieces for a particular dungeon.
      • Zones for a particular dungeon will be unlocked on the following day that the server reaches the requirement for that zone.
  • SAO Dungeon Tickets can be traded for items by talking to the System Administrator & Ticket Exchange, who is behind the General Store in Dunbarton.
    • Different Zone Coupons yield different rewards.
    • There is a rare chance that the player may receive a System Admin Access Code from enemies. This allows the player to receive any item on the reward list.
  • The spawns of the Dungeon will correspond with the next sequential difficulty of the dungeon i.e. Alby Zone 1 will spawn a dungeon comparable to Alby Normal and Zone 5 is comparable to Alby Advanced.
  • The number of floors corresponds with the zone number, i.e. Zone 3 has 3 floors.

Free Yui Event

For individual page with full details, see here.
  • Log in anytime on August 23rd, 2014 between 12:00am PDT100 and 11:59pm PDT100 to receive a Yui Gift Box.
    • Opening this box will give the player a Yui Flying Puppet with 5, 15, or 30 Days duration.

Crystallite Collecting Event

For individual page with full details, see here.
  • Log in to receive the quest Warmth of the Heart Event.
  • Talk to Lisbeth, located next to Nerys in Dunbarton, and be prompted to start the Crystallite Collecting Shadow Mission.
    • Kirito will accompany you during the mission and will only attack the Ice Dragon.
      • It is not advised to go near the dragon as it cannot be attacked, but can still harm the player.
    • 5 Snowfield Slayers will appear together throughout the mission.
      • Defeating the Snowfield Slayers will let the Complete Crystallite Ingots continue to drop regularly in a circle around where you started the mission.
      • The Snowfield Slayers will continue to respawn in approximately one minute.
    • Collecting 30 or more Crystallite Ingots in your inventory will automatically complete the mission.
      • If any Snowfield Slayers are left, the mission will not complete until all Snowfield Slayers are all defeated.
      • If at any point you leave the mission without 30 Complete Crystallite Ingots, you may reattempt the mission.
    • Talk to Lisbeth again to turn in the Complete Crystallite Ingots to receive the SAO Lisbeth 2nd Title Coupon and a Lisbeth Gift Box.
    • This can only be attempted once per day on each character. It resets at 7:00am PDT100.

King of the Lake

For individual page with full details, see here.
  • Log in to receive the quest The Appearance of a Mysterious Fish, and a Lake Neagh Feather.
    • Talk to Nishida, located next to Yvona in Abb Neagh's Bard Camp, to complete the quest and obtain 100 Nishida's Bait Feeder.
      • You may purchase Nishida's Bait Feeder from Nishida for 300g that expires in 24 hours.
    • The Lake Neagh Feather has a 3 minute cooldown that teleports you from your current location to Lake Neagh and back.
      • The Lake Neagh Feather will last until September 11th.
      • The Lake Neagh Feather may be destroyed, but the player will receive a new feather upon re-logging during the event period.
  • Using Fishing with Nishida's Bait Feeder will reward event related items. See below for a list.
    • The fishing location must be Lake Neagh to acquire event related items.
  • Everyday, Nishida will give a quest which requires the player to turn in a certain number of Lungfish, in return for a Nishida's Gift Box.
    • This quest resets at 12:00am PDT100.
    • The Lungfish can only be caught using Nishida's Bait Feeder.
    • They must be between a certain size for Nishida to accept it. (ie. 99cm or smaller, 101~130cm, 131~165cm, 166~199cm)
  • Turn in a Lungfish that is 200cm or bigger to complete a quest and obtain the SAO Nishida 2nd Title Coupon.


The Phenomenon
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Sword Art Online Event.

Briefing The Divine Dragon Alliance would like to speak to you about the strange phenomenon affecting Milletians. Find me behind the Bank in Dunbarton.
  1. Talk to the Divine Dragon Alliance Member in Dunbarton.
  2. Talk to the Divine Dragon Alliance Member in Dunbarton.
  • 10000 Experience Points
Additional Information
  • Upon receiving this quest, you will receive a Waxen Wing of the Blue Goddess that warps to Dunbarton.
  • A cutscene will occur upon completing the first objective.