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Portrait of Yvona
Race Elf
Gender Female
Location Abb Neagh (Bard Camp)


A young elf lady with prominent ears sticking out from her pitch black hair. Although she looks young, her sharp eyes and stern lips show no trace of emotion. The world seems still around her, as though she weren't really there.

Yvona is an elf of the Bard Camp of Abb Neagh. Like her initial description, Yvona is calm and emotionless to others. She seems to be on a journey to find Uaithne, a legendary harp.

She teaches the Milletian with Music Skills, as well as ways to improve their knowledge about music.

She claims to have had a troubled past, often running into all sorts of trouble. This is likely due to the "omen of doom" the black-haired elves presented.


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