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Sword Art Online Event/Crystallite Collecting Event

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Banner for the Sword Art Online Crystallite Collecting Event.
For the list of other Sword Art Online Events, see Sword Art Online Event.
August 20th, 2014 - September 9th, 2014


Curses! Kirito has destroyed Lisbeth's prized sword! He'll need a storehouse-worth of Crystallite for her to make a new one... problem is, Crystallite is carefully guarded by the White Dragon. It's a dangerous mission and Lisbeth isn't feeling up to the task- so it's up to you to take her place and collect Crystallite while Kirito distracts the dragon!

Event Dates:
Wednesday, Aug. 20 - Tuesday, Sept. 9 (3 weeks)

Event Details:

  • Talk to Lisbeth next to Nerys at Dunbarton's Weapon Shop once per day to learn how you can help Kirito gather Crystallite.
  • Meet Kirito where he's battling the White Dragon.
    • Let Kirito take on the dragon - you focus on collecting up Crystallite as it drops
    • Look out for ogre-like beasts that will spawn and attack you during the event
  • Collect 30 Complete Crystallite and redeem them to Lisbeth for Lisbeth's Gift Box[1]


  • Log in to receive the quest Warmth of the Heart Event.
  • Talk to Lisbeth, located next to Nerys in Dunbarton, and be prompted to start the Crystallite Collecting Shadow Mission.
    • Kirito will accompany you during the mission and will only attack the Ice Dragon.
      • It is not advised to go near the dragon as it cannot be attacked, but can still harm the player.
    • 5 Snowfield Slayers will appear together throughout the mission.
      • Defeating the Snowfield Slayers will let the Complete Crystallite Ingots continue to drop regularly in a circle around where you started the mission.
      • The Snowfield Slayers will continue to respawn in approximately one minute.
    • Collecting 30 or more Crystallite Ingots in your inventory will automatically complete the mission.
      • If any Snowfield Slayers are left, the mission will not complete until all Snowfield Slayers are all defeated.
      • If at any point you leave the mission without 30 Complete Crystallite Ingots, you may reattempt the mission.
    • Talk to Lisbeth again to turn in the Complete Crystallite Ingots to receive the SAO Lisbeth 2nd Title Coupon and a Lisbeth Gift Box.
    • This can only be attempted once per day on each character. It resets at 6:00am PST100.


Warmth of the Heart Event
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Sword Art Online: Crystallite Collecting Event.

Briefing If you're brave enough to collect loot while Kirito fights dragons, come see me!
  1. Talk to Lisbeth
  • 10000 Experience Points
  • 30000 Gold
Additional Information


Fixed Reward

Lisbeth Gift Box




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