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Taillteann Shadow Missions List

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A list of all the Shadow Missions available from the mission board in Taillteann.

For all shadow missions, see Category:Shadow Missions and for an explanation of the mission system, see Shadow Missions.


Name Party Size Time Limit Clear Reward
Defeat Crag Cow 1~2 None 9,200 EXP, 2,400g (Basic)
16,560 EXP, 3,360g (Intermediate)
27,600 EXP, 4,800g (Advanced)
46,000 EXP, 7,200g (Hard)
64,400 EXP, 9,600g (Elite)
The Stones of Sliab Cuilin 1~2 30 Minutes 9,000 EXP, 2,900g (Basic)
16,200 EXP, 4,060g (Intermediate)
27,000 EXP, 5,800g (Advanced)
45,000 EXP, 8,700g (Hard)
63,000 EXP, 11,600g (Elite)
Conflict! An Unexpected Battle 3~4 None 10,400 EXP, 1,200g (Basic)
18,720 EXP, 1,680g (Intermediate)
31,200 EXP, 2,400g (Advanced)
52,000 EXP, 3,600g (Hard)
72,800 EXP, 4,800g (Elite)
Defeat the Shadow Warrior 1 None 14,000 EXP (Basic)
25,200 EXP (Intermediate)
42,000 EXP (Advanced)
70,000 EXP (Hard)
98,000 EXP (Elite)
Battle for Taillteann II 1~3 25 Minutes 20,000 EXP, 5,700g (Basic)
36,000 EXP, 7,980g (Intermediate)
60,000 EXP, 11,400g (Advanced)
100,000 EXP, 17,100g (Hard)
140,000 EXP, 22,800g (Elite)
Rescue the Scout 2~4 None 14,500 EXP, 3,200g (Basic)
26,100 EXP, 4,480g (Intermediate)
43,500 EXP, 6,400g (Advanced)
72,500 EXP, 9,600g (Hard)
101,500 EXP, 12,800g (Elite)
Battle for Taillteann I 1~4 40 Minutes 18,500 EXP, 6,500g (Basic)
33,300 EXP, 9,100g (Intermediate)
55,500 EXP, 13,000g (Advanced)
92,500 EXP, 19,500g (Hard)
129,500 EXP, 26,000g (Elite)
Defeat Fomor Commander I 1~2 None 24,000 EXP, 3,500g (Basic)
43,200 EXP, 4,900g (Intermediate)
72,000 EXP, 7,000g (Advanced)
120,000 EXP, 10,500g (Hard)
168,000 EXP, 14,000g (Elite)
Offering 1~4 40 Minutes 22,000 EXP, 1,000g (Basic)
39,600 EXP, 1,400g (Intermediate)
66,000 EXP, 2,000g (Advanced)
110,000 EXP, 3,000g (Hard)
154,000 EXP, 4,000g (Elite)
Provocation 3 30 Minutes 20,000 EXP, 800g (Basic)
36,000 EXP, 1,120g (Intermediate)
60,000 EXP, 1,600g (Advanced)
100,000 EXP, 2,400g (Hard)
140,000 EXP, 3,200g (Elite)
Defeat Fomor Commander II 1~3 None 24,000 EXP, 8,600g (Basic)
43,200 EXP, 12,040g (Intermediate)
72,000 EXP, 17,200g (Advanced)
120,000 EXP, 25,800g (Hard)
168,000 EXP, 34,400g (Elite)
Taillteann Defensive Battle 3~6 18 Minutes 40,000 EXP, 10,500g (Basic)
72,000 EXP, 14,700g (Intermediate)
120,000 EXP, 21,000g (Advanced)
200,000 EXP, 31,500g (Hard)
280,000 EXP, 42,000g (Elite)
Defeat the Shadow Wizard 1~8 None 27,000 EXP, 8,800g (Basic)
48,600 EXP, 12,320g (Intermediate)
81,000 EXP, 17,600g (Advanced)
135,000 EXP, 26,400g (Hard)
189,000 EXP, 35,200g (Elite)
Dorren's Request 1~3 40 Minutes 30,000 EXP, 3,100g (Basic)
54,000 EXP, 4,340g (Intermediate)
90,000 EXP, 6,200g (Advanced)
150,000 EXP, 9,300g (Hard)
210,000 EXP, 12,400g (Elite)