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Where does she sell the guardian bow? i cant find it under any tabs. if someone could verify this i would delete it for the moment. slayer1o1

I've noticed that some places don't ALWAYS carry certain items. But I don't know anything about Meles. -- Deathbob 21:53, 17 March 2009 (UTC)
I also know she doesnt sell any elven short or long bow, so could someone please verify this so it can be deleted. slayer1o1 22:15, 29 March 2009 (UTC)
As a human, Meles does not sell any of the Elf specific weapons. However, I'm thinking she may sell them if you are an Elf. If any Elf could test this theory, it'd be much appreciated. Unfortunately, I don't have an elf to test this theory myself. EnigmaticFractal 16:59, 8 May 2009 (UTC)
Fail! i am an elf and she does not sell elf-only weapons. good theory tho. slayer1o1 22:39, 8 May 2009 (UTC)

You're all idiots

Meles doesn't sell them either because they aren't out yet or because you can only access them by using a remote weapon shop coupon with an elf. Guardian bows were temporarily available from an event. Stop saying crap about what Meles does and doesn't sell if you're wrong or if you haven't even bothered to research it. Ihazzai 07:29, 17 August 2009 (UTC)

The least you could do is stop contradicting yourself. Sheesh, yelling at the other side when you're switching back and forth. And since you seem to know everything, why dont you just say one thing, and stick with it? Talk pages are meant for discussion, I'm not sure if you knew that. /sarcasm. Anyways, this matter has been discussed a long way back, I don't really see why you'd bring it up again just to call them idiots. The section in the article has been updated a while since then, and is still there, and has been there for a while. I still dont quite see why you dont just bother to research it. End of rant. Have a good day.--♫ѕταя♪ 22:25, 17 August 2009 (UTC)

Arrow Heads

As of the last update, Meles sells arrow and bolt heads, all of them. They cost a pretty penny compared to making them your self though.--(not-so)Anonymous 01:37, 14 August 2010 (UTC)

It looks like most of the blacksmiths carry them in their shop now, although I haven't confirmed Edern yet and it's pretty obvious Taunes and the Giant Supply Guard probably don't sell them. --Aramet (Talk) 01:45, 14 August 2010 (UTC)


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New animation?112:22, 1 August 2011

New animation?

It seems like some NPC pages comment on their unique animations (Though Simon's the only example that comes to mind), and it seems like Meles' recently got her own. I recall her previously having a fairly idle, mostly still position, while now she frequently polishes and examines a black sword. Unless I'm imagining things, and it's always been that way.

Regardless, is this the sort of thing that should be mentioned in the article?

Mustavus01:53, 1 August 2011

Since the G14S4 patches, many NPCs have been given idle animations.