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Portrait of MelesFile:Meles.png
Race Elf
Gender Female
Age 16
Occupation Blacksmith and
Weapons Dealer
Location Filia
(Weapon Shop)
Part-time Job Weapons Shop
3:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Report From: 5:00 pm
Repair Blacksmith Repairs, 95%

Track Weapon and Agony


The straight bangs that hang over her eyebrows are quietly blowing in the light breeze that's flowing through the air.

Meles is a 16-year-old with large cute gray eyes and long hair. Upon closer inspection, she seems to be hiding undisclosed anguish, but she rarely leaves herself open.

  • If you speak to her using the "who Saved the Goddess" title, she comments about it.

Refining and Blacksmithing

You may notice that there are no longer Old Furnaces for refining near Meles, however, there is an Anvil for blacksmithing. Players must now go to Taunes in Vales to find the three Old Furnaces that remain there. Using these instead of going to Bangor may save considerable time.

When using the Old Furnaces in Vales, as compared to using the Furnaces found in Bangor, there are some differences to be aware of;

  • Old Furnaces have a reduced refining success rate (-5%) as compared to using Furnaces.
  • To activate the Old Furnaces requires pieces of Firewood to be given to Meles, rather than payment in gold coins. Once activated, the Old Furnaces can be used by anyone.
    • One piece of Firewood will allow the Old Furnace to be activated for one minute.
    • Five pieces of Firewood will allow the Old Furnace to be activated for five minutes.
  • Anvils in Filia work the same as the Anvils in other towns across Erinn.


Part-time Jobs

  • When doing the part-time jobs on Alban Elved (Friday) there is a 20% increase to the experience points and gold rewarded for completing them.

Meles' Equipment